Butterfly, butterfly
Flying into the wind
You can be sure of it
That's no place to begin

Over thinking every little thing
Acknowledge the bell you can't unring

Tomorrow, you don't have to say what you're thinking
You don't have to mean what you say

Butterfly, butterfly
Flutter in to the skies
Butterfly, butterfly
Their molecular cries

Chrysalis dreams waiting on the fifth in-star
These stained glass wings could only take you so far
You don't have to say that it matters

You don't have to turn something in
Stay with it through thick and thin
Butterfly, begin

Butterfly, butterfly

Tomorrow, you don't have to mean what you say
Left without a reason to stay
Comes the last hurrah
Here's our last hurrah

Butterfly, butterfly

You can be sure of it


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Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) song meanings
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    Song MeaningWhile the song is definitely about their breaking the group up. Metamorphosing from a chrysalis into a butterfly is a reference to the fact that none of the three members believe they have actually been able to do what they wanted to do musically as a-ha. As they go their separate ways they'll be able to finally become "butterflies".

    Additionally, there have been many disagreements and fights through the years (who wouldn't in a 25 year relationship - i'ts far longer than most marriages last). They reference these with:

    "Over thinking every little thing
    Acknowledge the bell you can't unring

    Tomorrow, you don't have to say what you're thinking
    You don't have to mean what you say "

    They got tired of being careful around each other and having to watch how they talked - for a while the band members did not actually speak to each other directly, but only through their individual representatives, so toxic had their relationship become.

    The last verse speaks to the fact that they have nothing more to say as a group other than this very song, "the last hurrah."

    From reading much about the group, Mags and Pal were doing the heavy lifting by writing the songs and most of the lyrics, yet since the beginning, it was Morten who got all the attention - he was, after all, insanely handsome and he was the voice of the group. There was a lot of resentment toward Morten, who didn't help himself by having quite the ego.

    Then there is the fact that type of music that produced hits for them was not the kind of music that Mags and Pal really wanted to write.

    So, as much as I'll miss a-ha, they lasted a long time and went out on a high note.
    traincollectoron July 02, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI think it has to with the end of this band, and the beginning of a new cycle in their lives. At the same time is encouraging us to get started with the things we have to do.
    GARYK9on October 05, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI think at this part=You don't have to turn something in
    He is saying--" You don't have to Pencil it in."

    I don't know for sure so I won't do an official Correction, but I have been listening to this song a lot and I have never been convinced it was "Turn Something In"
    I was watching the acoustic version on a vid of one of the last shows in Oslo and it suddenly came to me that it sounds more like "pencil it in".
    rndmr2on February 26, 2018   Link

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