Your boots kick up the dust / and they will for maybe a thousand days
But will never cover blood / it will remain
You have convicted us / but we've committed no crime that you say
And you cannot ever stop this flood I guarantee
You're so predictable / but you make a critical mistake
Can't allow the fear to be our fate
And you will feel the touch of the many who you incarcerate
They will come in greater number, can't you see?
So we come / we can take the battle on
Break the back of Babylon / children, won't you sing along?
Know the real criminal: they come to you and sell their smiling face
Together we will reveal and see
So won't you join to beat the bastards who betray
We can no more live in fear underground for better days
We make no noise to keep the dogs where they lay
We sing to meditate then lay your powers to waste
Ready or not, we come down from the mountain to investigate the story
Nothing shake the determination from
People bleeding for the zion nation / no, it never fall
They become the weaker state and so they call it radical
For the poor people / situation now critical
Ignorant speaking / still fighting in the media
What we're all reaching for / something to deliver us
Righteous come to defeat all the beatings of the prisoner
Before it's too late
We control the party / don't forget the promise
This nation rise up and be ready for the challenge
Heaven put me here to chase away the disease
Tell the tyrannical we'll send you down to hell on your knees
So don't you belittle us / earn the trust
Or you will fall and return to dust
This Triad must rise / please realize
We're giving you fair warning
Yes, we make the criminal retreat when beaten to their hiding place
See them crumble when they come to feel the pain
They turn the pressure up / so we keep a lower profile and wait
How much longer do we suffer underneath?
Who put the barrier in between us where the children play
We did / when they came we looked away
Are we a warrior? No, we know better than to go that way
For survival we make our own society
So you speak / shackled to your policy
Believe our conspiracy will soon see supremacy
So we gonna raise a cup and dedicate to your final days
The sun will set on the dreams you seek

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