"City Lights" as written by Chris Cerulli, Angelo Joel Parente and Joshua Joseph Balz....
Paralyzed by my envy of the night
I am lost without you here
And outside it looks like rain
For the last time, I bleed myself dry tonight

And nothing I could ever write would help you understand this life
There's so much beauty when your eyes lay lost in all the city lights

The wax will drip as so as blood
Romance is dead and all is lust
You are the water in my lungs
We've lost it all

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"City Lights" as written by Al Mckay Lorenzo Russell Dunn

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    My InterpretationThis song seems to be (as mentioned by another) a suicide note, or farewell, or at least a declaration to one self. Chris, or the main 'character' of the song, is singing about a relationship to him. He is paralyzed by his envy of the night, envy being the desire to have what the night does, for the night can see his lover, yet he cannot- "I am lost without you here." Outside it looks like rain is to represent emotion of sorrow, and washing negativity and such away. "For the last time I bleed myself dry tonight" is where the hint of a suicide note or a farewell letter comes in. This is likely that this relationship has led him to self-harm or self-mutilation, and he is bleeding psychically, or the bleeding is emotionally, representing that it is the last night he bleeds either psychically or emotionally.

    "Nothing I could ever write would help you understand this life," is Chris speaking about his lyrics. No lyrics he could ever write could help his lover, or anyone, understand life. The line about beauty when his lover's eyes lay in the city lights represents his love for her, how he stares in admiration at her while she stares in admiration at the city lights- representing fame, fortune, difference.

    "The wax will drip as slow as blood" ties into the line 'for the last time I bleed myself dry tonight'. In my opinion, the wax has to do with Chris watching a candle drip as his lover absorbs and handles the fame. He's comparing how slow the wax drips to how slow he bleeds, (again either physical or emotional). The line about romance being dead, and lust being left has to do with the romance they once shared being gone, and her eyes being lost in the city lights- the fame. All left on his lover's end is lust, physical attraction rather than emotional. "You are the water in my lungs" has to do with how toxic his lover is to him, killing him and torturing slowly. "We've lost it all," means everything they once has is gone.
    xxsparksxxon August 10, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationI think the song is about being with someone after a long time and wanting to die because that person is not with you right now...and once your with them you don't want them to ever be away from you again but you know it will happen..well thats what I think it means...
    AlissaLuston December 04, 2012   Link
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    General CommentOk well i see this song as a type of suicide note or farwell letter. To me, this is someone talking about how they put their all into a relationship and their partner isnt reciprocating the feeling, i.e."I bleed myself dry". Chris is saying that in the begining of the relationship, things were fine, but his fame soon ruined her love for him. She became caught up in all the fast cars, fame, and "city lights" that came with Motionless In White's success and care less and less about Chris(romance is dead and all is lust). He knew she was only draining him emotionally and taking all of his love and not giving it back, but he was blinded by love (her eyes in the city lights). So he is kind of being killed slowly by this emotional vampire(you are the water in my lungs)-suggesting he is slowly drowning/dying for this girl who is bad for him, but he cant help it becuase he's madly in love with her! D: Poor Chris! Id bleed for him too in he were mine!
    WisperKillon January 06, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThis song is literally about Chris' dead Ex Girlfriend.
    He doesn't like playing this song at shows because of the fact that he gets way too emotional.
    Very few people are lucky enough to hear this song live.
    bdavis123on May 02, 2016   Link

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