"Animal" as written by Calvin Gaines and Damien (wells) Johnson....

Bitch I'm a lion
A fucking animal caged
I hunger for human meat
And I ain't ate in days

I'm a gorrila
I like to beat on my chest
If there's a rumble in the jungle
We gon fight to the death, because
You're an Animal

[Verse 1 - Bizarre]

Wanna die?
Call on Bizarre
Catch you at the bar
Bite like a St. Bernard
It's all good
You're taking up boxing
You gon be dodging and weaving
When the nines start popping
Let's sniff this line
Let's smoke this red
Right before
I shoot up Virginia Tech
I'm inprisoned in the hole
Digging for the gold
And I ain't coming out
Til I'm hundred and four
Black Benz truck
Weed the fuck up
2 in the morning
Picking Dr. Kevorkian up
2,000 for a murder
5,00 for Dewan Sims
Shit, I'll kill Eminem
Black 4.5
Who wanna die
I swear I'll shoot any nigga
Standing outside
I don't care if he's your guy
Bizarre get high
A 2.5
I'll shoot a nigga's wife


[Verse 2 - Razzaq Rahim]

Fucking blunder
I'm sniffing coke in a land down under
Taking off when the [...]
Pervert Pastor breaking laws
I'm a whore mother
Fuckin your bitch cause she jumped off
Stone cold bitches
I got a couple old bitches
Pervert Pastor!
Perv is mirrored [..]
Fucking a pill-popper
Selling cocaine to a couple home alone
Getting stoned of this vodka
I'm riding shocker
Motherfuckers call me chupaco
And so they pass me the bottle
But I blast me a coward
[..] with mamas
So I could stain some drama
Lifestyle destructive
Fucking prostitutes got seductive
If there's a problem
Send the motherfucker my way
Do more lines than you see on a highway
The same car as I ride here


[Verse 3 - King Gordy]

I'm from the jungle
But see, my jungle
Is like no other
They scruvy, grimy motherfuckers
I'm talking 'bout the East side
Detroid mission
When we ride
We're nothing less than a semi
I'm from Van Dyke
Where every man will get his hands tied
Mouth taped, spouse raped
And I ain't got an outdate, bitch!
Oh, I'm riding aggression
Flashing the mag
Everbody passing laughing
I'm crazy!
I'm Hussein, you can't tame me
So you get angry
Try to contain and hang me
They scared!
They were never prepared
For a terrorist wearing his hair
Just like the devil
I'm an animal
I run with the crook
Bizzare sniffs coke
With my kid's coloring books
I'm cut-throat (bitch!)
Please believe me
I'll put a hole in you head the size of a cd


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