Walking so far knee deep in the snow
10 hours today we see there's more to go
Where I come from there's not really any snow
My ears entranced by the sharp echo

boots crunch, warm hearts, warm darts they land
right on my cheek, I can't even speak
This river is not the Spree.
I doubt we got that far today.

Red is the only colour
The star I walk under
I came to pillage and to plunder
Winter thunder, ice falling asunder

I can deal with defeat
The odds are there to beat, the gods are ready to leave
I will not weep on my winning streak
On the minimum of sleep I'm sinning deep.


Backstage at the show with backstage passes
Who the hell is that wearing sunglasses
Bumping into amps, naked with no coat
spray paint stinking and all in gold

Someone's asking will my contract
be renewed for that, Will I be sued for that
When I get up on stage and play this song
will I be booed for that?

Thinking about my rent and making calls
They say on the first I want it all
I play the show and walk straight on home
Sleep till I hear some knocking at my door

Who woke me up this time it's on
When I open the door the motherfuckers gone
Hearing voices in the back of my mind
Grab a knife, if they get out of line.


Ten thousand steps, so many miles left
To stay alive the promise must be kept
And the home where I can rest
It's with you, it's on your chest

Catch a wave, bumper stickers say the surf is up
Catch some rays, comfort is not the same as love
I let it from I left it behind
To walk out here to throw the dice

Up in the air it's hard to explain
Check the remains check all the stains
Could it be my time is up
But baby baby I got up

Und wenn ihr nicht versteht
Lass mich das eklaeren
ich bin eure lehrer feuer wie gewehre
Dies ist eine neure Ara.


Late night at the end of week
Give it to me give me the beat
I walked out and I threw the dice
The menace I saw makes me want to hide

Vulnerable heights I will survive
In front of the mic this is my life
Magnum opus still unsigned
Will be till the day I die

When he told me he'd walk with me
It was the happiest I have ever been
Dungarees and warm cashmere
Worn my me, worn by he

Prairie land, gun in the hand
All the things I do not want.
I have to tell it, so young and bold.
before I turn to ice before I turn to gold

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