You take so much pride in your apathy
You got to claim it for yourself
’Cause you were here before me
You got your feet of clay in your house of glass
You got to put on brand-new shoes
So you can kick my ass
You got to sleep all day, you got to drink at night
Well, you gotta sleep with one eye open
Be prepared for a fight, yeah

So get on over here and show me
What it is you want to prove
Come on over here, Machopussy
I got something to say to you

You gotta work your abs, you gotta do your hair
You got to keep up your appearance
Keep your enemies scared
You got to shoot your gun, you got to throw the goat
Well, you can’t ride roller coasters
’Cause you’re not in control
Well, your jeans are tight, and your hair is long
But you’ll kill any motherfucker
Who ever says you’re wrong

Now slide on over here, my friend
Tell me all that you can do
Machopussy, drive on up the pike
I got things I want to say to you

Well, there’s something creeping up inside
That wasn’t there before
So crawl on over here, and I’ll make you
Wish you were never born
Get on over here, big man
Let’s see what you want to prove
Yeah, get up out of your hole, Machopussy
I’ve found a use for you

Well, you can eat glass–yeah, you can drink sand
And you will fuck all the girls you want
Just to show us you can
And you got skin of stone over paper bones
You act so big and tough, man
But it’s all a show
Now you got your lipsticked face halfway up your ass
And you hope your lack of substance
Makes up for lack of mass

So get on over here, you waste of sperm
I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do
Get down on your knees, you sorry sucker
I got a job for you

You take so much pride in your apathy
Well, you thought you claimed her for your own
But she’s moved on to me
You got to sleep all night, you gotta sweat all day
’Cause what’s no longer yours
Is gonna make you pay
You got your feet of clay in your house of glass
Now you gotta put your lip gloss on
So you can kiss my ass

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