"Wasted World" as written by and Bob Mould....
All along the Internet
Snuff movies and animal sex
It burned my eyes and made them cry
I didn't feel a thing

Already beat my memory
No sense of attention
I lost focus and feeling
Not to mention

All those years of computer screen
My friends died of the same disease
Wasted world so beautiful
So full of life pull the plug

Disconnect me
You think this is funny
You should have seen me

Wrapped in wet blankets
And heavy sedation
I tried to tell them no more
But they weren't listening

All those years of computer screen
My friends died of the same disease
Wasted world so beautiful
So full of life pull the plug

All your saviors are crucified, all the
Shattered faith and losing belief
Wasted world so beautiful
So full of life pull the plug

Follow me down.

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"Wasted World" as written by Bob Mould


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    General CommentBob Mould's songwriting stance is occasionally a bit distanced, like he didn't want to inhabit his songs at least not fully. but then, he has seen some seriously heartbreaking ugly unfair and just plain evil stuff. no one wants to be forever a part of that (or hold it inside themselves for the rest of their lives), no matter how much everyone says you're the voice of a generation and one of the best guitarists & songwriters in the country.

    from the lyric of "JC Auto" we know Mould has been addicted to speed: that, or similar drugs-of-choice were common in the punk-rock scene during his early years. in cities with thriving scenes there'd be half-a-dozen opening acts; this means the "name" band rarely hits the stage until 2:00am or later.

    then (because your label barely supports you, even if the band does sell records: talk to anyone who's worked with SST) you crash on someone's couch. you couldn't possibly sleep in that shitty van, the one which barely manages to get you to the next city.

    as Bob wrote in that song, "it kept me up"...necessary to keep going, in all kinds of ways.

    now! fast-forward to 2011. what an enigmatic uh, thing. can we digest this, or will we be consumed by it? virtual communities are made up of real people, though often we forget this. hiding behind your keyboards, your avatars...maybe even a Photoshopped image of yourself, maybe even you pretend to be an age gender or some-other-crucial-thing you really aren't.

    also the collection of habits, mannerisms, verbal tics and other personality bits: call it an online persona. typically it includes aspects of who we are inside. i.e. truth. but at the same time, we use it to try on tempting unfamiliar traits, the way other people try on clothes they wouldn't ordinarily wear in public, to see whether people react differently to them.

    these days on the 'net I try to be (pretty much) who-I-really-am, though less passive & more outspoken than real life. but ten years ago I had--paranoia, yes--but also! a lot of non-pathological reasons to be afraid to reveal all of myself. or at least to keep certain important things secret.

    keeping secrets starts as a game and then becomes something you rely upon, for protection (and you say it's necessary, but what really are you protecting?)

    "so full of life pull the plug" as so often in Mould's songs the words can be read from a number of different angles.

    "wasted world so beautiful so full of life" first the good news about the Internet, but wait the other shoe is going to drop

    or: this person was once so full of life; now it's time to pull the plug?

    are we talking about diseases real or metaphorical? if the former then that pulls us in a certain direction re: what he means by "pull the plug."

    but if I interpret this differently, it seems to resonate more.

    pull the plug from the wall. turn off your PC, walk out of your apartment and rejoin a world in which people talk face to face, touch each other, dance and fuck and fight and listen to music and wander through cities looking for the people we'd rather spend our time with.

    now. pull the plug. then you might be full of life, again. your tech addiction--a habit which made you turn away from real-time face-to-face communication--is killing you. killing all of us. pull the plug on the unreal "world" and take someone by the hand, feel your skin touching theirs. blood running through bodies. full of life.

    what the hell do I know? don't listen to me.

    maybe the internet/computer stuff is all metaphor, and I'm missing the point.
    foreverdroneon January 01, 2011   Link

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