"The Window" as written by and Leonard Cohen....
Why do you stand by the window
Abandoned to beauty and pride
The thorn of the night in your bosom
The spear of the age in your side
Lost in the rages of fragrance
Lost in the rags of remorse
Lost in the waves of a sickness
That loosens the high silver nerves

Oh chosen love, Oh frozen love
Oh tangle of matter and ghost
Oh darling of angels, demons and saints
And the whole broken-hearted host
Gentle this soul

And come forth from the cloud of unknowing
And kiss the cheek of the moon
The New Jerusalem glowing
Why tarry all night in the ruin
And leave no word of discomfort
And leave no observer to mourn
But climb on your tears and be silent
Like a rose on its ladder of thorns

Oh chosen love, Oh frozen love

Then lay your rose on the fire
The fire give up to the sun
The sun give over to splendour
In the arms of the high holy one
For the holy one dreams of a letter
Dreams of a letter's death
Oh bless thee continuous stutter
Of the word being made into flesh

Oh chosen love, Oh frozen love

Gentle this soul

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"The Window" as written by Leonard Cohen

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    General CommentOne of my favourites... (especially the live version from the Field Commander Cohen Tour album).

    Unfortunately I have almost no idea what this song is about.
    Some beautiful poetry though, over a wonderful lullaby-melody.

    Anyone got any ideas on this song?
    omfgauon June 22, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis is actually a song about salvation, more specifically, a song about Jesus Christ. Cohen had two predominant themes in his writings: love and spirituality. Sometimes these would mingle and you could interpret the song as addressing one or the other, but this particular one is all about spirituality. Read the lyrics again and think about Jesus on the cross. The chorus in particular, tells you it's referring to the Christ:

    Oh chosen love, Oh frozen love (Jesus, represents life (chosen one) and death (frozen)
    Oh tangle of matter and ghost (again, Jesus embodies both life and death, he is a tangle of these two dichotomies)
    Oh darling of angels, demons and saints (self explanatorg)
    And the whole broken-hearted host (The pain of humanity/God carried in Christ)
    Gentle this soul

    Plug away at the rest: the rose on a ladder of thorns is Jesus at the cross.
    Lay your rose by the fire - in the bible, fire represents the Holy Spirit and Christ baptizes with fire.
    The letter could be an allusion to the "word", which is Jesus: in the beginning there was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.

    Now for the Window. You can look out of a window but it also reflects in to you. I think in the first stanza the window is a vehicle for the Christ's moment of doubt, caught in the vanity of wanting to live/doubting God's word, but darkness has fallen and the thorns are in his side. It is done. The second stanza opens with his resurrection into a New Jerusalem the cloud of unknowing is lifted (Jesus has overcome his doubts and now "knows" God).

    Hope this helps.
    PicoManiaon February 11, 2017   Link
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    General CommentOh I forgot thsee lines:

    Oh bless thee continuous stutter / Of the word being made into flesh = eternal life, death and rebirth, the continuous process of life and death that is why it is represented as a stutter because it repeats.
    PicoManiaon February 11, 2017   Link

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