The seed of the devil lives on in men
Verses 4 5 6 chapters 8 9 10
The Landlords and the ranters with their foot on your neck
Oh I love the Union and Glory Hallelujah!

Line of the woman
Rising over reason
Out of the slaughter
Over & over
Through the eye of the needle
The width of a circle
They'll be building up the temple
On the backs of the people

Sign of the profit

Oh I love the Union and Glory Hallelujah!
All that march through history must still mean somnething to you
Roar reason roar in power again
They'll be selling out the women like they sold out the men

Heart of the Lion
The plunder & the killing
Over & over
We just tried to stay sober

The sword is sharp the arrows swift the witnesses all seeking
So shake & shake for all your worth from innocence to experience
The Queen of Holland went to meet Red Ken
With the Ranters and the Quakers and the Fabians
William Blake, William Morris, Tony Benn
The Levellers and the Diggers and the Muggletonians

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Thee Olde Trip to Jerusalem song meanings
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    Song MeaningThe song refers to various historical figures and groups from English left-wing, anarchist and Utopian movements.

    "Red Ken" is Ken Livingstone, a Labour politician and former Mayor of London.

    Tony Benn, also known as Anthony Wedgwood-Benn, is another idealistic 20th-century politician from the Labour Party.

    William Blake is a British poet, whose works included a poem called "Jerusalem" (later set to music as a very popular hymn) with its vision of the Kingdom of God, i.e. Jerusalem, built "in England's green and pleasant land".

    William Morris was a late nineteenth-century utopian, artist and libertarian socialist.

    The Fabian Society was a British socialist movement, advocating gradualist rather than revolutionary reform. Tony Benn was a Fabian.

    Muggletonians, Ranters and Quakers were religious sects with an emphasis on a personal relationship with God, with pacifist and egalitarian ideals. Only the Quakers still exist.

    The Levellers and the Diggers were two early Utopian anarchist movements, who claimed common ownership of the land, and were heavily repressed by landowners and vested interests.

    "Oh I love the Union" may be a reference to trade unionism; it could also be a reference to Britain as a whole, as created by the Act of Union that joined England and Scotland.

    The 'olde trip to Jerusalem' is presumably therefore any movement to create an ideal society in England, the song focusing here particularly on groups or individuals whose visions stressed socialism, anarchism, pacifism and egalitarianism as key features of such a society.
    slamon December 14, 2012   Link

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