Vision eyes...realize
check it out, yo

Everything goes exactly as I predicted it.
The minutiae is different, I nailed the gist of it.
Just failed to adjust, baby it was a bust,
as I was saying, cravin' blunts, Step-uppers started playin'.
Somebody save us, I'm seeing futures.
So what's the use of knowing the truth if no one is going to believe you?
The curse of Cassandra, my vision eyes reveal all the answers and seem to leave no surprises.
To live and die in circumscribed circumstances: a paralyzing affair, trying's a fool's errand.
You see what I'm saying? I'm sorry if it's scary or obtuse when you feel you're cruising in Doc's Delorean.
Poppin' vodka, pouring juice in, demeanor sober, tomorrow morning I'm seeing a hangover.
My gang's growing older; they know I'm clairvoyant.
I get harangued like "Gold,
just try to enjoy shit a little."
And it annoys me a little.
Sans joy, see through time
and skip stones on the River Styx
and be the first to abandon ship.

Chorus (instrumental)

Deja vu, mayhap have you been here as well,
it feels super familiar. Pray tell,
ever get the urge to take a draft of Mimir's well?
Trip on what's knitted within cashmere veil
Egyptian glyphs, cavern sequence,
in sleep magic dreams reveal hidden patterns between what is real and imagined
Money I have a secret, spoiled the ending, I wish i couldn't see it
To me it's no more profounder then mere logic,
a downer beyond years as we flounder
and fought what I thought would be inescapable,
Like love lost, long term users incapapable
of forming any action spontaneous.
laying on the lawn and I lock got the brūn and the brainiest (?)
along side with those who know not what it's like
under illuminight, more ice, doomed by the foresight a little,
and it annoys me a little.
sans joy, see through time
and skip stones on the River Styx
and flip a rhyme with my boy Chris

Chorus (instrumental and fade out)

Lyrics submitted by Modoru, edited by Masterfurbix

Vision Eyes (feat. Golden Boy) song meanings
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    General CommentLove this song. Pretty straightforward meaning; even though the speaker can see the future, it's more a curse ("sans joy") than a blessing. People may not believe you; your life has no more spontaneity; there's the agony of being unable to change the future that you see.

    The allusions are one of my favorite things about the lyrics.

    "Curse of Cassandra" >> After Apollo granted Cassandra the gift of foresight, she angered him, so he cursed her so that no one would believe her predictions.
    "Doc's DeLorean" >> a Back to the Future reference, do I even need to explain it? Haha.
    "Mimir's Well" >> Mimir was a Norse god known for his wisdom, and a drink from his well imbued the drinker with secret knowledge as well.

    But yeah, basically, everything about this song is awesome.
    Obion February 05, 2011   Link
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    General CommentLyrics credited to Lyrics Muse.
    Modoruon August 28, 2010   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionGood work on the lyrics. I think in this line "under illuminight, more ice, doomed by the farside a little", farside should be foresight.
    ibcpirateon December 11, 2011   Link

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