[Dr. White]
Fear, respect and honor
This is what I get as a police man
What isn't there to love about a man with a badge?
We serve the red, white and blue
Gonna tear you up if you don't love us, true
On my spare time I like to go for rides
With all of these doughnuts by my side
Chocolate, strawberry, cream and glazed
Any one of these four gets my hella blazed
Now I have a doughnut buzz
Cuz, I'm gonna be ridin down the hood
Lookin for punks who look at me with that smirk on their face
Gonna pull their ass over and put them in to place
I have all the power in the world now
Let me show you how my gat goes pow pow
I'm officer White, this feels oh so right
My wallet is gonna be hella tight

We the police now, got mo doughnuts now
We comin now to kick in yo door
(Or we kickin in yo door)
We the police now, got mo doughnuts now
You betta have respect for da po po
(Or we givin you a new ho ho)

[Crushed Ice]
Now we dressed in blue, who woulda knew
Now we step into the scene faces looking really mean
Cuz they jealous even though we don't get out from limousines
With our shades put on, stashes on, we look real clean
Now you want a donut too? lets go to dunkin donuts
Now we get them all for free, you know what i mean
That's what I call respect in the hood
Had to get it while i could if you don't love the popo ima get you all really good
I got my gat and with my batton ima get you rats
and if you disrespect the best we know where all ya'll at
Now freeze, always wanted to say that
Got the power to cuff ya and to read you your rights back
Now we ready to buck cuz respect you lack
Don't press your luck cuz mother truckers we back


[Dr. White]
I thought this job was all that
I just wanna go back
To how things were in the crib, at the farm
This is just too hard
How do these po po keep the peace
About to take this gun on lease
But not after I have a big feast
All you can eat doughnuts at the station
Chocolate cream doughnuts are a sensation
We about to start a revelation

[Crushed Ice]
Yea i know what you mean doc
It's really hard trying to be a cop
trying to keep peace on the block
how do they do it?
keep getting disrespected, they just wanna test me
but I gotta admit, love them donuts so before i quit I go to the party
All you can eat donuts, except for Johnny


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