"Settle Down" as written by and Kimbra/tetaz Johnson....
I wanna settle down
I wanna settle down
Won't you settle down with me?
Settle down

We can settle at a table
A table for two
Won't you wine and dine with me?
Settle down

I wanna raise a child
I wanna raise a child
Won't you raise a child with me
Raise a child

We'll call her Nebraska
Nebraska Jones
She'll have your nose
Just so you know

I wanna settle down
I wanna settle down
Won't you settle down with me?
Settle down

Run from Angela Vickers
I saw her with you
Monday morning small talking on the avenue
She's got a fancy car
She wants to take you far
From the city lights and sounds deep into the dark

Star so light and star so bright
First star i see tonight!
Star so light and star so bright
Keep him by side!

I wanna settle down
I wanna settle down
Baby there's no need to run
I'll love you well
I wanna settle down
It's time to bring you down
On just one knee for now
Lets make our vows

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"Settle Down" as written by Kimbra Johnson Francois Tetaz

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    My InterpretationSuch a good song, so many ways to look at it. What is interesting to me is the ironical, sarcastic edge in the whole song while is reflected in the video. The video portrays sweet, orderly, perfect little girls doing typically 'female' things; the music, too, seems sweet and innocent. In contrast, however, the repetitive lyrics sound so possesive and rather dark.

    "I wanna settle down.. I wanna settle down.. won't you settle down with me?" The lyrics' repetitive nature reflects how little girls are brainwashed to think about marriage, that it doesn't matter who the man really is (symbolized by the mannequin), but what's "important" is to "settle down".

    What is also interesting is the whole retro feel of the video.. you find that even today females are trapped by this brainwashing. "There's no need to run.. I'll love you well"..simply because "settling down" seems to trump individual wants, needs and journeys. Also questions that arise is can you find fulfillment in such an institution.

    The adult Kimbra in the video, dressed in black, short, wild hair, symbolizes her true self, bucking the trend, rejecting the conventional female gender role. The two long-haired girls who dance around her are dressed in white and an embodiment of innocence. They dance gracefully while Kimbra does so haphazardly, again in contrast to the stereotypical, graceful female. I think the burning dolls is a pretty obvious message.
    teneramente1220on April 06, 2012   Link
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    General CommentKimbra herself said in an interview that the song is sarcastic. She kinda ridicules the idea of marrying so young and having children. To her that would be like the equivalent of throwing her freedom away. She sounds pretty bitter if you ask me...
    hannah16on November 29, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThe song has a very obvious reference to A Place in the Sun. A lower class man has ambitions for higher social standing and is torn between two women. One is poor like him (asking him to settle down) and the other is high society & rich (Angela Vickers). Not going to spoil anything else but shit gets real. This song is just pressure and desperation, pressure from society to do things the "right and traditional way" (settling, marriage & babies) and desperation to get and or hold onto it (wishing on a star to keep him)
    getoffmytotson September 02, 2011   Link
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    General CommentOn the above comment: I guess that explains the music video, where there are young girls playing grownup and the shelf of dolls in the background.
    LiBaion January 03, 2011   Link
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    General CommentWonderful song from a beautiful and talented artist!

    They used a fake doll in the video, in place of a devoted spouse. I think she's trying to show us how ridiculous it is to hang onto something that isn't real.
    osageon March 29, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThis is definitely representative of many young girl's dream to meet a man and settle down and have children. I love the bridge about stars... Don't you remember being a child and wishing on a shooting star (or anything else) for someone to love? I think it's certainly a comment on the fact that so many of us want this settled life but that there could be so much more than that awaiting us.
    hearthatsongagainon March 16, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI see/hear the stress of "down" and "now" in the lyric, "It's time to bring you down, on just one knee for now" as if marriage is something that brings you down and gets worse with time (i.e. it will eventually lead him to be down on two knees (lol) in the future).
    angeliiineon March 26, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song can mean so many things. One interpretation I think is that women rush into marriage too quickly, it's all they think of. The mannequin in the music video implies that they don't really care who they settle down with, as long as they do. They're throwing their childhood away.

    Another idea is from the lines at the beginning of the video clip, something along the lines of "Did your sweetheart turn out to be the husband you thought he'd be?", implying that young girls rush into marriage and don't really meet the man they marry. The 6th verse also shows that the husband is a bit of a player, talking with other women. Then again, the girl may just be paranoid that he is flirting, when he may just be talking.
    Kimbra in this music video seems a little wild, not the typical, classy female shown by the younger girls. It feels like she's implying that she is never going to just be cool and calm, settling down and having children. She wants to really live, and she doesn't care what others think.

    Either way, it is a brilliant song.
    CameoLoveron December 27, 2012   Link
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    General CommentIt made me think of Betty Draper in Mad Men. Wanting all of that and in the end, it was all a sham. Interesting that "settle" is associated with marriage. Seems contrary, doesn't it?
    luckyloison March 31, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI believe the singer will marry again. I wonder what she will be like. I know she'll be youthful and physically beautiful. He can attract those kinds due to his looks; intelligence; wit; and creativity. I bet she'll love to toss balls; cook; drink wine; listen to all kinds of music; and attend concerts. One day he'll find her; have more children; and hopefully be the happiest he's ever been. Everyone needs to find themselves and their place in life, whatever place they choose to make. It's just better when it's made together. I hope I am able to see the singer's life come to fuition...to see who he chose; who he shared himself with; who he trusted and loved more than all others. I'd like that. Good song. Good band. And now it's time for bed 'cause work comes early!
    IllToast2Thaton December 27, 2012   Link

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