When I stand and look about the port
And contemplate my life, will I ever see my countrymen again?

As the captain calls us on the deck, I take my things and walk
To the harbor side I glance back one last time
Fleeing our nation, our problems we leave behind
Ships by the tenfold sail out on the tide

We are pleased to be out and embracing the open sea
Free from our troubles and more free from thee
Inheritors unfulfilled reason behind us
We flee from what is not, what is will be

We flee the earth and face our harsh reality
Will death be low mist that hangs on the sea?
We run from the evil tongues, rash judgments, selfish men
Never to be seen on these shores again

As we sail into ocean size and lose sight of land
A face of contentment around in the air
We're off now to seek all our fortunes
To the land of our dreams

Riding the waves and the storm is upon us
The winds lash the sails but the ropes keep them tight
Off in the distance a dark cloud approaching
None could imagine what there was to come

No, there's no one going back, no, there's not a second chance
As we strap onto the side, we pray to God that we won't die

As we ride the rough seas, as we soak from the ocean waves
I just hope for all our lives and pray that I survive
Four ships are lost in the stormy conditions
The spirits of the sunken crews, their phantoms follow us

Spirits, sails, they drive us on through the all consuming waves
Cold mortality, no weapon against these ever raging seas

Four leagues and ten and we hit storms again
We just can't get away from the eye of the storm
The birds out soar the raging storm but we cannot escape it
Abandoned earth that we now crave is many leagues from safe

Holding on for our dear lives and we're praying once again
Rotten luck or just jonahed? The talisman is in my hand

Limbs fatigued, trembling with cold, blinded from the sea spray salt
Clasping anything we can hold, heaven's rain upon us falls
Twenty days without a meal and ten without fresh water still
Those that didn't die in storms, the scurvy rest did slaughter

Westward the tide, westward we sail on
Westward the tide, sail by the talisman

We approach the other side of the ocean with the tide
In our favor just for once, welcome greeting, our new land
The elation in our hearts, the excitement in our veins
As we sail towards the coastline of our golden promised land

Weary limbs fatigued away, I have no life left in me
No more strength and nothing left to give, must find the will to live
Never thought that we could make it, truly sight of shores divine
The sickness I am dying from, never wanted it to end this way

Westward the tide, westward we sail on
Westward the tide, sail by the talisman
Westward the tide, westward we sail on
Westward the tide, sail by the talisman

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"The Talisman" as written by Stephen Percy Harris Janick Gers

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    General CommentIron Maiden is a band which is born once in a blue moon. I get inspired by their songs. Most of people around me hate maiden...but i don give a damn Fuck to them. Talisman is a gr8 song ...listening to it i feel nostalgic ...The Final Frontier is a mix of themes from War, Space, Life and Love.
    Talisman tells of a journey Through ones life analogus to sailing across Seas. We start our life rather comfortably and as we grow up...the sea turns rough and 'when the wild wind blows' we have to rely on our Talisman that is our instinct and our beliefs....these things can get us out of tricky situations in life.
    Up the Irons!!
    IronRSKmaideNon October 06, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThose that didn't die in storms
    The scurvy rest did slaughter.

    i'm sorry i guess i'm not that good at english. does that sentence exactly means those survived the storm slaughtered (and maybe ate after 20 days of hunger?) the scurvy (sick) rest, or defining those people's death as a slaughter?
    redbullahon July 13, 2012   Link
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    General CommentFreaking beautiful song. One of the best from the record.

    I'll post what I think it's about in a bit. ;)

    [Man the other lyrics that I submitted are still awaiting approval.]
    star tripperon August 15, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI haven't really thought about what this is about, its a great song. By the way, this part:
    "No, there's noone going back
    No, there's not a second chance
    As we strap onto side
    We pray to God that we won't die"

    ...is wrong.

    It should be: "As we strap onto the side"
    Vbdudeon August 20, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song is absolutely amazing. It's up there with the very best Maiden tracks. And just listen to Brucie's wails - hasn't lost one bit of energy! I love that riff after he sings 'Sail by the talisman' - it just sounds like epic journey music. Perfect!

    Theme-wise, the most prominent one in the album concerns journeying away from home, homesickness etc. The journeys usually involve searching for fame/fortune etc, as in El Dorado. This one's similar to Ghost of the Navigator, but with the homesickness element.

    Up the Irons!
    gillytine777on August 21, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIt sort of reminds me of the Ancient Mariner with the whole 'ship in a storm' vibe.
    deathbeans9on September 06, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionI reckon this song could be somehow linked to "The Pilgrim".
    edthehead96on September 12, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningYeah, it's mostly about a journey across the sea. And one thing I noticed is that the music picks up and becomes a lot faster when the currents become a lot more dangerous in the story.

    But this may just be me, but I feel that this is another metaphor for life. Each ship represents a person/friend. The storm represents the hardships of life. When he leaves, that could mean that he starts living on his own, or something on those lines. As to what the land would mean is beyond me. But again, it's just a hunch, I may be wrong. I always look for the meanings behind the what is put before you.
    ItalianJester92on September 15, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI think its about fleeing oppression and heading out to new lands perhaps those fleeing Europe for america. Maybee the pilgrims.

    In the old days crossing the Atlantic was immensely dangerous.

    Does anyone know of a voyage that lost four ships that seems oddly specific
    EdSmithon September 21, 2010   Link
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    General Commentjanick mentioned this song is about trying your hardest but not getting there (destination/mission/whatever). and the sea lyrics can be interpreted however, kind of like mariner/pilgrim+intro of the legeacy all mixed in.
    benjambreegon September 25, 2010   Link

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