[Verse 1 - Chester P]

Surrounded by ten Centurians, bloodline frontier,
Eyes like like pendulums, guarding my continents.
Fist like anvils, crush your democracy,
Full blown enigma, legacies and prophecies.
Dressed like Jesus, deep in cryptology,
Deep in phenomena, U.F.O's follow me.
Cryogen chameleon, cold in all enviroments,
Guy Fawkes diciple, blue prints of parliment.
Chemistry of warclouds, science of the elements,
Storm grows, space pods, sat down, enemies.
Patsy assassins, Kennedy renaissance,
Argonaughts guard me from government invasions.
Offspring of spacemen, giants who roamed the earth,
And built the pyramids aligned with their place of birth.
Visitation, life in the clutch of death,
From the start, they've been at each others necks.
Yin and Yan, brothers in a circle hexed,
Opposites who were jailed for eternal lengths.
I'm arcain, a hologram beyond view,
On a path of a cosmonauts port hole.

[Verse 2 - Farma G]

Yo, Farms is liquid cold, all accounts were froze,
H2O solid, cloned alcoholic.
Flown the world on a Lovebird, words are winds though,
Burst out of rain clouds, sixty seconds left on your account,
Watch the pressure mount.
Welcome Count Rap Killer, blood-thristy hippy child,
Flesh on my daffodil,
Wild since the day I was left on my on with the power drill.
Silence the mystery of the watch the road troopers,
Just like that,
Tommy Cooper, yes the show is over.
Going out like it's entertainment,
Got you popping when I'm dying from a strange ailment.
Now you spit on my grave and act braven,
brake it down like John Craven.
The dragon chaser, Golden Brown antidotes,
Mad quotes and phrases.
Lost in this life with fat shoe laces.
Fan base crazy, dog with no faces,
Think about the wastage and how to break the matrix.
I'm thinking about the wasted and how to break this matrix.

[Verse 3 - Ramson Badbonez]

I clash like the Nuke Bomb, self inficting chaos,
Fuck a day job, I'll pounce and snatch your face off.
Swinging belts, golden buckles, stunned up hold a scuffle,
Swift uppercuts,swolloen knuckles.
I'm pumped up on steroids and stolen muscle,
I'm long like anicondas when my quote is done boo.
Sucka's, blowing bubbles,rags blood I don't want this trouble.
Lick texts, dust to the wasteland,
Rock face, stiked club, schyzophrenic caveman.
Taliban tactics, organising bombs scares,
Your bimbo likes us, bigs tits, thick and blonde hair,
Crash planes like Con Air, called me the dogs bre.
Cause I don't waste time, jeans saggin' off my fuckin' waistline,
Hottin' up the street like it's day crime.
Roll in the late night, like Freddie cursed me,
Overweight chain, nutty proffesor.
I'm Eddie Murphy.
You're not worthy, get stripped down like burglary.
Class A emergencies, barbed wire surgery.

Lyrics submitted by sphynx01

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