"The Hate I Won't Commit" as written by and Elizabeth Powell....
Soothsayer, I do not adore
The voices or flight of birds
And now all them wooden, a boy or a girl
They'll fail away, full stop

Lightning and snow
Cracks and slivers
Burned in a row

So do not pretend that you do not love the war
I've seen you fight and fall on your sword

Blame us not for waiting
Just has little cause, I've seen you fight

See the breast, see the brain
See the lung, see the stomach
Cut from the same fur

It's winsome and then by feeling
The devil makes in

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"The Hate I Won't Commit" as written by Elizabeth Powell

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The Hate I Won't Commit song meanings
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    Song Meaningi think it's about hypocrisy--or rather, about how people who have never been in a certain position have no right to say certain things. the title, "the hate i won't commit" is referencing when a person would say "well even given so and so situation, i would never do what this person did." when in reality if you were to put them in that situation they very well might.

    this is especially evident in the lyrics "so do not pretend that you do not love the war/i've seen you fight/and fall on your sword", meaning that people will often say things and then contradict themselves when they're ideas have been put into new context (i.e., after experiencing new things or new points of view).

    "blame us not for waiting/just has little cause/i've seen you fight" is saying that you cannot put the blame on someone else for making a certain decision (waiting for something, charging into something, saying or doing something, etc.) when in reality there is no "right or wrong" answer to real life, and you probably would have done the same thing, anyway.

    the lyrics "see the breast/see the brain/see the lungs/see the stomach/cut from the same fur" as well as at the beginning "now all them wooden, a boy or a girl/and fell away/full stop" further emphasize the point that, in the end, we are all human and we all share alike in many of our words and actions which stem from instinct; theres really no way of knowing something unless you've been there. "it's winsome and then/by feeling/the devil makes in" shows that our feelings often manipulate us and cause us to do things that we would never do under different circumstances.

    so you can't really say "the hate i won't commit" because in the end theres a very good chance that you would. that's the irony of the title; and of the song as a whole. this video for the song really helped me further my understanding of this song, too; youtube.com/…
    nihilistgumon May 29, 2012   Link

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