Have you heard what they said on the news today?
Have you heard what is coming to us all?
That the world as we know it will be coming to an end
Have you heard, have you heard?

He sees them in the distance when the darkened clouds roll
He could feel tension in the atmosphere
He would look in the mirror, see an old man now
Does it matter? They survive somehow

They said there's nothing can be done about the situation
They said there's nothing you can do at all
To sit and wait around for something to occur
Did you know, did you know?

As he stares across the garden looking at the meadows
Wonders if they'll ever grow again
The desperation of the situation getting graver
Getting ready when the wild wind blows

Have you seen what they said on the news today?
Have you heard what they said about us all?
Do you know what is happening to just every one of us?
Have you heard, have you heard?

There will be a catastrophe the like we've never seen
There will be something that will light the sky
That the world as we know it, it will never be the same
Did you know, did you know?

He carries everything into the shelter, not a fuss
Getting ready when the moment comes
He has enough supplies to last them for a year or two
Good to have because you never know

They tell us nothing that we don't already know about
They tell us nothing that is real at all
They only fill us with the stuff that they want
Did you know, did you know?

He's nearly finished with the preparations for the day
He's getting tired, that'll do for now
They are preparing for the very worst to come to them
Getting ready when the wild wind blows

He sees the picture on the wall
It's falling down, upside down
He sees a teardrop from his wife
Roll down her face, saying grace
Remember times they had, they flash right through his mind, left behind
Of a lifetime spent together long ago, will be gone

They've been preparing for some weeks now
For when the crucial moment comes
To take their refuge in the shelter
Let them prepare for what will come

They make a tea and sit there waiting
They're in the shelter feeling snug
Not long to wait for absolution
Don't make a fuss, just sit and wait

Can't believe all the lying
All the screens are denying
That the moments of truth have begun
Can't you see it on the TV?
Don't believe them in the least bit
Now the days of our ending have begun

Say a prayer when it's all over
Survivors unite all as one
Got to try and help each other
Got the will to overcome

I can't believe all the lying
All the screens are denying
That the moments of truth have begun
Can't you see it on the TV?
Don't believe them in the least bit
Now the days of our ending have begun

When they found them
Had their arms wrapped around each other
Their tins of poison laying near by their clothes
The day they both mistook an earthquake for the fallout
Just another when the wild wind blows

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When the Wild Wind Blows Lyrics as written by Stephen Percy Harris

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When the Wild Wind Blows song meanings
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    Song MeaningThe grand epic...not really about nuclear fallout, though. It's about hysteria over what seems to be the end of the world.

    The British folk melody carries the first third of the song, as the news spreads to every house in this village. When the ground starts shaking - an earthquake, rare in Britain - the townspeople panic, and their reactions range from hiding in their fallout shelters to suicide. Unfortunately for that last couple, the world didn't end...

    Basically, it's about something that is all too real in modern society - the sensationalization of disaster. The Deepwater oil spill is the worst in U.S. history, so it gets daily coverage; the seafood business is down a lot more than expected because of the false assumption that ALL Gulf seafood is tainted by oil.

    The lyrical twist is a stroke of genius, and truly explains why The Final Frontier takes time to understand. The first listen to this song felt anti-climactic, because the world didn't actually end...but now I understand why it sounded that way. A masterpiece.
    Octavarium64on August 19, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis is about the graphic novel of the same name, where a couple takes shelter into a refuge because of a fallout... but there's a twist at the end: in the song, they mistake an earthquake for the fallout, therefore dying (by suicide) in vain...
    TimeWeaveron August 22, 2010   Link
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    General CommentA brilliant twist on both the original graphic novel, and on nuclear war fiction in general. What killed them was not a war, but the hysteria fostered by politicians and the media.

    This is the danger of what has been happening since 9/11, worldwide. Singular acts of terror, claiming less casualties than everyday traffic accidents, are exaggerated into threats to humanity and act as a justification for war and the curbing of civil liberties.
    ViktorCrowfordon December 12, 2010   Link
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    General CommentBleak. Those two that poison themselves, because they're too scared to look outside incase of nuclear fallout. Makes you think about the media, and how they (as octavarium put it...damn you..lol) overindulge in a potential disaster. It gets me thinking how easy we fall for it. ( Ex. the world will end in 2012 december whatever...i know so many people that actually believe it. ) Who knows why the mayans ended their calender on that date? But there are many other such stories, and the trick, i suppose is to know which one is right, or true. So, shut up, live your life the way you were ment to, and do the best you can, is what i took from it...
    africaboyon December 14, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningIts about the graphic novel by Raymond Briggs, When the Wind Blows
    nwbrownon August 22, 2010   Link
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    General CommentFavourite song number 3 off the record. :)

    It's loosely based off of the graphic novel nwbrown mentioned. Steve said in an interview that he'd been planning this song out for decades and that he was trying not to let When the Wind Blows influence him too much. He ended up doing a loose interpretation off of it.

    In this version of the story, they couple mistake an earthquake for the nuclear fallout, panic and poison themselves. A bittersweet death.
    star tripperon August 22, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis is a Rocken song! Awesome way to end an awesome album!
    Volganatoron November 30, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthis should be merged with when the wild wind blows as that is the correct title
    EdSmithon November 30, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionThe folly of these Doomsday preppers
    scottysprecheron April 03, 2012   Link
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    General CommentLink to Iron Maiden's commentary on all the song on Final Frontier....explains everything. ha!

    mscmteachon July 07, 2015   Link

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