You, oh you
Had a sad urge to be wanted by fools
Welcoming those that would be
Snoopin' troupin' enveloping your family jewels
You chose to grow your nose
Cause deep down you knew, I knew, you knew, I knew
That I'd have been wrong quicker than you could come

Said I was too good for you
Wake up little Susie
It’s bad news when you hear a guy cry
You split the beans in jail
Timed it perfectly after your granny died (tut tut tut)
You knew I wouldn't shoot a man when he was down
Well done Pinocchio you told a lie
I wouldn't take advantage of a cut-up heart
Such a vulnerable time, you tell me
I'm so lonely
Won't you hold me
Stars shine only
Up it's only light
Old light, it's been dead for a long time
Long time
With time, time

Stars of love look bright
Till they’re ready to die
The broken spend their lives
Staring at the sky

Now it's time

Bury the hatchet
And bury it deep
You've a massive heart
But you're fucked up, kid
And we sow what we reap
Woah, cause we grew up as solitary souls
Sometimes it's better to be on your own
I need time just to roam, roam, roam
Find a place I can call home

Love is like starlight
Even when a star dies
You can still see it shine
But it's only old light
Old light, it's been dead for a long time

With time, time

Stars of love burn bright
Till they’re ready to die
The broken spend their lives
Staring at the sky

Oh, it is just old light
Completing its last flight
Across the velvet nights
Burn bright till they die
The love lights in the sky
Love is like starlight

Love is starlight

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    General CommentMarina usually has multiple meanings for her songs. She writes all of them, so she is going to use the songs to tell her stories and express herself in whatever way even if that means having a song that doesn't necessarily make sense.
    marinaloloon November 22, 2012   Link
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    General CommentOk, for the most part I don't have a clue what she's going on about during the verses...

    but as for the chorus, "stars in love burn bright, till they're ready to die" I think refers to people who are in love and broadcast it to everyone, they're burning bright so everyone can see it, and they keep doing this until they're "ready to die". I think it's kind of saying that even though some relationships seem really perfect, they can die like everyone else's.

    She goes on to say that the "broken spend their lives, staring at the sky", maybe thats talking about hurt people who spend their lives longing for these star-like relationships.

    Anyway, its a bit of a confusing song, and for the most part I can't really work out who she's talking to or how she fits into it, but its pretty good.
    afrolady213on June 25, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningTo me, it looks like she has written two completely songs but then just put them together,

    one half of the song( the first half) i think could be about someone called Suzie? wanting respect from everyone so thinks that she will get it by lying about a murder, so that they feel like a heroine to everyone else maybe? But in reality people know shes lying as the person they are accusing would never murder a man with a broken heart.

    -I think that may be what that part of the song means, even though that interpreation may be too obvious.

    I think the second half is about someone being deeply in love with a person, but even their love cant keep the couple together which i think 'burn bright till they die' means, that all relationships will die down eventually.
    I also think that 'the broken spend their lives staring at the sky' may be about unrequited love, or people not accepting that the relationhip they were in has ended.
    I think that 'old light' is a reference to old relationships, meaning that even though they have ended, they will always have good memories.

    I think 'love is starlight' is a reference to how we see a person that we are in love with, we see them as perfect, flawless, amazing, like a light is being shined especially on them and noone else.

    I also think that the moral of the song may be that in the end relationships arent worth the heartache.
    hippydippyon July 30, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthe first paragraph is about faking personality to be accepted, the second one is about faking vulnerability to avoid break-up,
    the stars look bright part seems tu talk about love being able to die a t any moment
    then she finally breaks up with the guy, because he can't stop faking
    so the song is about breaking up with sb, because he/she can't have a real relationship just because he/she doesn't know that the two parts must agree, so the singer faces he/she, and talks about the issues to work, and his/her responsibility
    then the singer predicts that he/she won't be able to recover, as in the part of looking up to the sky
    originalon April 10, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI don't know if anyone cares about my interpretation of this song, but I'll give it a go. I've been a Marina fan for a long time so I've listened to many of her songs trying to find out the meaning. But after actually reading the lyrics and not listening to them, I might understand this one.

    Basically the whole theme of "Starlight" is a relationship may seem like it's still alive, but it's over. This is very apparent in the pre-chorus, "Love is like starlight,
    even when a star dies, you can still see it shine, but it's only old light". The old light in the relationship is probably a friendship that Marina and her ex-lover had after they broke up.

    That's the main theme of the song but it also tells how they broke up. "You, oh you had a sad urge to be wanted by fools" and "You chose to grow your nose" alludes to how they broke up in the first place. Maybe her ex tried so hard to fit in with society and started to lie about who he was that this angered Marina. She has been known to not really agree with society's views of what's socially acceptable and thinks that you should be yourself no matter what. He might've also been ashamed of Marina since she's outspoken and is very unconventional. This lead one of them to end the relationship, but they ended up getting up on good terms.

    Well that's all I know but I might be wrong.
    ElectrasJewelson May 06, 2015   Link

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