"In My Room" as written by Vince Clarke...
I stand alone and watch the clock
I only wait for it to stop
And in the room locked up inside me
The cutout magazines remind me
I sit and wait alone in my room

And in my room against the wall
There is picture very small
A photograph I took some years ago
It shows a picture of the room I know
I sit and wait alone in my room

The walls are white and in the night
The room is lit by electric light

I stand and watch the clock
I only wait for it to stop
The doors are shut and all the windows lock
The only sound is from the clock
I sit and wait alone in my room


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"In My Room [David Jensen BBC Session]" as written by Gary L. Usher Eric William Martin

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    General CommentCHOCOLATE WAR!!!!!!!!!

    I first heard this song from that movie in the 80's.
    and cannot believe no one has commented on it.
    The song is pretty self explanatory.
    veedubdudeon June 04, 2011   Link
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    General Comment
    I have more questions than answers about this song. Maybe it's just me being dense, but I didn't find it self-explanatory. Please explain.

    My initial impression was that the narrator is schizophrenic, or whatever the proper diagnosis is, as I'm not a psychologist. The "the room locked up inside me" can only be about the narrator's mind.

    In the narrator's mind, she is "standing" alone. That means she is psychologically paralyzed and can't relax enough to even sit or lie down. Watching the clock, waiting for it to stop, may be about OCD--she's obsessed with the clock and is compelled to keep watching and waiting for the moment it stops, which never comes.

    The "picture" within a "picture" in the second stanza is a metaphor for the infinite regression taking place in her mind. The narrator has lost hold of what is real and what is hallucination. Is what she is experiencing real, or is it a waking dream? and if it's a dream then would "waking" lead to reality, or is the dream merely nested within another dream?

    "the walls are white and in the night, the room is lit by electric light" the narrator keeps the light on even at night by choice b/c when it's dark, the nightmares come.

    each time after that repeated line, there's a sound of glass shattering. that's the sound of the narrator's sanity shattering, which happens over and over again.

    The narrator is *not* a patient in an actual psychiatric hospital, or at least the lyrics are not describing an actual hospital room. In an actual psych hospital, the walls would not be white, which is not a very therapeutic color for psych patients. and why would there cut-out magazines? a patient in that environment should not be allowed scissors. also why would the lights be on at night? the narrator must be describing the room inside her mind. the nurses would shut them off when it's sleep time.

    The way the Lord's Prayer is recited throughout the song in a cold, resonating, almost mechanical male voice is done ironically. The prayer itself is meant to bring spiritual solace, but the way it is delivered is the opposite of comforting. it could be that others, the narrator's loved ones perhaps or a member of the clergy who has paid a visit, are praying audibly for the narrator to get well, and the narrator can hear--but in the narrator's mind, the tone of the words become twisted so that they sound distant and cruel.

    The Lord's Prayer is intentionally left incomplete in the song. It ends with "but deliver us from evil", which is repeated several times, concluding the song. The narrator, having gone insane, has committed a heinous crime and now she needs to be delivered from the "evil" that apparently grips her.

    i don't know why the walls would be white though, that doesn't sound very therapeutic.
    mliem411on June 30, 2011   Link
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    General CommentNice interpretation! Mliem
    Han Soloon March 19, 2016   Link

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