Tell me what's right and tell me what's wrong.
I wasn't born knowing these things I pick 'em up as I go along.
Ideally, I'd be related to somebody smarter
But I didn't get much instruction from my dear old father.

Another thing that I resent is all the time that he must've spent
Just worrying that I was gay and planning what he was going to say
When I finally gave him the cue he told me, "That must be so hard for you."
The reality is that it wasn't it was as easy as kissing cousins.

But I can't blame a man when morals change like the seasons
And my poor dad like everyone is stuck between 'em.
I've seen behind the veil and I will tell you what I saw:
There's a good and evil, I believe in Natural Law.

Icarus, come back.
Your wings are made of wax,
Gonna melt in the sun
And I will be the one
Who can't carry you home
To bury your bones.
You're lucky you got a father to
Look after you.

And luckily I paid attention to the words of the trees
And luckily I ignored the so-called birds and bees
I learned more about the world when I was sick in the head
Than I ever did while I was still brain-dead.

There's a good and evil like I said before
Good is peace and evil is war.
If you think about it hard enough the answers are the same,
It don't matter who you are or from whence you came.

I don't mean to be the type to moralize,
I just want a veggie burger and some cheesy fries
And to leave some good advice for my progeny
So that they don't lose their lives and I don't lose them to the sea.

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