Alright, let's get on the YouTube today and see what's up...
My video better be blowin' up these charts. Wait...what's this? No...You're joking...You gotta be kidding me...Seriously?

(S-W-I-F-...T K-A-R-A-T-...E C-H-O-P...swift karate chop) (Huh!)
(S-W-I-F-...T K-A-R-A-T-...E C-H-O-P...swift karate chop)

How does this cowboy have more subs than me?
I mean, seriously! he looks like he's straight out of "Little House On the Prairie"!
See, I'm talkin' smack, and he's just dancin' around,
I swear I've seen the same stuff from a Barnum and Bailey Circus Clown,
I am the coolest person alive, and I've never had fear,
Especially not for this fool, UH! Hey! How'd you get here?

Yo, they call me the SKC,
But all the people in the riddah know me as a fuckin' G,
I'll find yo' mama, Lay her down 'to a bed of roses,
Then I grab her legs and spread 'em like the holy fuckin' Moses

I am a pimp, to the hardcore, and I'm hung down to the floor,
I'm a dirty wordy birdy, GIRL!


Dude, are you therious? I just did that awethome rap...Why did you stop the song?


Yo, I am like four times more cool than you, man. One time for each of my 'beaters that I'm wearing...
Yo, I'm like THREE times cooler than you, man


Bitches and hoes, dude. I'm gettin' bitches and hoes all day. All day. You ju- (sighs)
Man, I am not working with you anymore. I'm tellin' my mom. (Huh!)

(S-W-I-F-...T K-A-R-A-T-...E C-H-O-P...swift karate chop) (Huh!)
(S-W-I-F-...T K-A-R-A-T-...E C-H-O-P...swift karate chop)

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