Oh, I used to live in a tree
I loved it there, but that was not enough for me
so I paved a road to the city
and left the rest of the monkeys
(hep to muh me see)
(so meh um ma see)
(heps so us a fine mon-kay)
(that you can meev no-a-ware)
so when I leave (ev oh oh no)
I am the proudest monkey, that I know
monkey see monkey do (hep ba tay)
monkey see monkey do

When I walk, I walk so tall...
not bent or doubled up
like the other monkeys, that I know
still I don'nt know if I have a soul
or if heaven's the place to go
or if hell is where we burn
if sinning is what we do
I know that I'm the smartest monkey, that I know
monkey see monkey do, monkey see

(who go uh puh uh gen)
(who caw me ehn a'theyn)
who taught this monkey...
think he' so great, well
who taught this monkey to
(burr taught this monkey)
to turn in betreyal of his friends
how we are the proudest monkeys
we are the proudest monkeys
you and me are the proudest monkeys
you and I am the proudest monkeys
monkey see monkey do
mobkey see monkey do (het tah)
monkey see monkey do
monkey see monkey do
monkey see monkey do
monkey see monkey do
(spe de, spe de spe de sped eww)

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Proudest Monkey (Red Rocks '95) song meanings
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    General CommentI was so shocked that no one posted the lyrics to this version of Proudest Monkey in songmeanings.net or the dmbalmanac.com. The Red Rocks version has completely different lyrics than the original. Although the lyrics may have been impromptu, and there are a lot of parts where Dave scats instead of singing, I find this version to be quite insightful as to what Dave may have had in mind when writing this song. These are how I interpreted the lyrics, and there may be some who disagree, but for the most part I believe these lyrics to be pretty accurate (PM me if there should be any changes). I also did my best to interpret the scatting, so that maybe we can take a stab at interpreting what Dave may have wanted to say. Enjoy
    cellordoreon May 06, 2010   Link

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