"Three Tree Town" as written by and Benjamin John Howard....
Come in from the darkness on the edge of this three tree town
Because it's thicker than the woods out there
Settles harder than the cold winter ground

Come in from the shadows of these boot black, marching clouds
Because trouble falls like rain
And lately it's been pouring down

I've seen loneliness
She wrapped me up with such tenderness
I've seen loneliness
She tied me down in her sweet caress

Oh come in from the confines of your own mind my dear
Because worry is all you'll find there it's clear
And tomorrow will always come
And tomorrow may well bring the sun

Yeah I've seen loneliness
She wrapped me up with such tenderness
And I've seen happiness
She came round here yesterday
In a bright blue dress

And we go

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"Three Tree Town" as written by Benjamin John Howard

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    My InterpretationI love love love this song. It's so real and pure.
    I have two interpretations to this song as Ben's songs are so poetic.
    Firstly, I think it has something to do with loving a girl who is going through a tough time or is depressed. - 'because worry is all that you'll find there'
    However, I also believe it is about a broken down relationship that has experienced many problems but also manage to put that behind them and still love each other. Also, it shows this idea of a relationship that is going round in circles... Love - Argument - Break up - Love again.
    Mainly, I believe it is about a love that overcomes all obstacles and a sort of carefree, reckless love - I get this imagery from 'How she tied me down in her sweet caress'
    lagatsbyon June 02, 2013   Link
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    My Interpretationwhen your sad enough for long enough, you fall in love with your own sadness, with the isolation that your so used to, its got you tied down, all wrapped up in her. You can get wrapped up in your own loneliness, making a whole world or person/ego while your away. I think this song is about being there in that lonely place, and knowing you can get out of it, that tomorrow with a little effort could be your sunny day, but at the same time being o wrapped up in your current sadness makes the sentiment of a better almost laughable. Ben really knows how to unwrap even the toughest feelings with poetic beauty.
    nickolas10on March 18, 2017   Link

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