"In My Eyes You're A Giant" as written by Toni Kakko, Henrik Klingenberg, Tommy Portimo, Marko Paasikoski and Elias Viljanen....
In my eyes you're a giant,
The keeper of all the keys,
Different but compliant
A God for someone like me

Learned to read what you're thinking
Suffering every moment left alone
Tamed the beast deep within me
Sleep in peace friend, cause I am guarding

When I'm not howling at the bright new moon
The burning flame within, my own kin, and
Every night I hear something out there calling me
Reminding me, friend, to know, that I'm not your child

I follow when you lead, and do what you command,
But there is something that is out of my hand
It's my own nature, appetite, I am a creature of the night

I am howling at the bright new moon

Bright new moon, brings the light in my life
One more day and you must let me go

Here I am howling at the bright new moon
The burning flame within, my own kin, and
Every night I heard something out here calling me
Reminding me, friend, to know, I'm not your child

I am howling out there
At the bright new burning flame, within my heart
Every night I hear something out there,
Telling me I'm not your child

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"In My Eyes You're a Giant [Bonus Track]" as written by Henrik Klingenberg Elias Viljanen

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In My Eyes You're A Giant song meanings
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    Song MeaningThis song is about the relationship between a human and a wolf (or some type of wild animal, wolf fitting the traits in the song, plus Sonata is known for having songs about wolves or werewolves). It seems like the relationship builds to the point where the wolf really wants to stay with the person keeping him, but is unable to shake the true nature meant for the wolf in the wild. The song is from the wolf's point of view.

    At first the wolf realizes that the human is different, but doesn't seem to have any intention of harming the wolf. The wolf begins to develop a bond with the human and realizes the human is lonely and sad, suffering every moment left alone. So the loyal wolf assures the human he is guarding, like a faithful pet. Despite all this, the chorus is the wolf reminding himself that he is not like the human- "I'm not your child"- and that there is something calling him, that he must get back to the wild where he belongs. The loyal wolf follows and obeys the human like a partner, keeping in the back of his mind that he is a "creature of the night" and that he cannot escape his true nature.

    The rest of the song, I'm not sure. I can think of two possible endings: One, the human and the wolf maintain their bond, but giving the wolf more freedom- maybe the wolf is released by night and returns for the days. Or, two, the wolf returns to it's nature and devours the human. Either way.

    WolfxSongon October 25, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI agree with you, WolfxSong, except for the ending. I think that the wolf doesn't kill the human, and it just escaped to stay out in the night. The last lines are pretty contradictory:

    "I am howling out there" is a change from the previous chorus, so the wolf is maybe free, but then in "Every night I hear something out there telling me I'm not your child" it seems that the wolf still has the same bound with the human and it's still undecided about what to do.
    ZeroShadow90on February 17, 2014   Link

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