Do you remember the day we met?
It was a friday afternoon a few weeks before the full moon
We spent the day together, and fell asleep in each others arms
for three nights straight
And I said, 'this is the start of something good, don't you agree?'
well you agreed
but you have to follow through...

So for now, i'll give you every single reason why you should come back-
we said, one of us was odd but the other was one otter
yeah, we played pokemon all day but it never was a bother,
we had nowhere else to
I lived in yoru arms and i thought you lived in mine
there was that time,
we were on the bore-ing freeway being chased by those eyes
I wish I could remember when I first called you my babypie
maybe I was so in love with you but then again
you always called me fat

Lets go back to the night I tried to say I love you and stumbled on my words
you thought it was cute but I was so afraid that you wouldn't feel the same
I blamed it on the full moon and that country band,
lying hand in hand that autumn evening
when I truly fell in love
and i said, 'this years love better last'
but i'll look at it this way
a year did pass...

so for now i'll give you every single reason why you should come back-
we both sneeze out in sunlight on those warm summer days,
we both look good in flip flops though you always called me gay
I loved how we talked through every fight,
and never fell asleep until everything was alright
I took you by the hand to that beach I knew
yeah, one percent chances are pretty fun too
but I never loved anyone more, when we talked about the future on that ferris wheel
it's when i knew, our life and love was real
but then it came around again...

during our first year we had our share of fights
about the same damn thing every time,
but its only a puddle, its only a puddle
the calm before the storms of summer came faster than i knew
but i spent the night with you when we went to see that band
he even played the perfect song
'we were tangled in hotel sheets for hours'
but all i can sing now is how,
' i still can feel you kiss me love'
oh love, i want you in my arms again

so for now i'll give you every single reason why you should come back-
remember the snowball dance? it was fine but we went wild after that
its the passion i want back
the snow fell so many times it kept you from leaving me
we were snowed in for days but the passion had went away
i tried so hard to find your heart but it had frozen over
we never found a single clover, i wasn't lucky enough to keep you until then
until then i would hold you every single day in case it was the day you went away

it's true
we fell away but i never stopped loving you
i would've done anything if you could have stayed by my side
for all time
but i haven't given up just yet
i'm sorry but the truth is
i wrote this song to make you cry
i wrote this song to make you leave that guy
we could be so much more than friends
and fallen stars, those woudln't get us very far
you were meant to be my life, i was meant to buy a ring
i'd slip it on your finger and we'd both sing,
'i've got a question for you'
but now my only question is,
will you come back to me?

i've given you all the reasons, i've wrote down all these words
i'm sure they're all things you've heard before
but i love you, i love you
more than you could know
you're still my future, still my life
i know someday you'd be my wife
just say that you still love me,
just promise that you'd stay
we'll forget the past few weeks
if you'd be with me today
be with me today
because i've got you on my answering machine
i've got you on my answering machine....

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