"Sandy Fishnets" as written by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley....
Sandy Fishnets, washed up on the shore
What's she catching, and will she be sore?

Sandy was the prettiest of all
She talked French, she came from Montreal
During chores she never had to help
Sandy got a bed all to herself
We slept in the trailer to the right
Sandy told us stories late at night
She spoke of ships and sailors,
And a sea so big and wide
She had lots of uncles and was always tired

Sandy Fishnets, washed up on the shore
What's she catching, and will she be sore?

How they loved her in those early days
Mrs Bulger let her go away
All her uncles drove her off to play
We would see them kissing on the lake
Time went by and Sandy's all grown up
The lines of uncles dwindled,
And the pirate stories stopped
Then one day Melissa May showed up,
And Sandy had to share a bed with us

And will she be soaring over the sea,
With the wind in her sails and a knife in her teeth?
At the helm of a ship, on its way to a distant shore,
Bermuda or Thailand, an uncharted island,
Sandy, we're all getting older
What will they do with us,
When they are through with us?
Sandy, what are we sailing for?

Christmas morning, 1993,
Presents waiting underneath the tree
There's a box for me, a box for me
No gift for poor old Sandy to be seen
We found Sandy sobbing quietly
Uncle Gerald said he liked Christine
Mrs Bulgar said she had to leave
Three days later, she was gone,
The day she turned thirteen

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"Sandy Fishnets" as written by Jason Webley Amanda Palmer

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    General CommentThis is a section from Tragic Events Part 2. After being "rescued" from Alfred McClock's farm, Evelyn is taken to Budding Flowers Entertainment, located by a lake side lodge in Manitoba. There, Evelyn and other young girls are photographed and recorded for clientele with unique "tastes", which they call "Uncles". They are befriended by Sandy, a girl from Montreal. She takes care of the twins, making sure they are loved and reads stories of fantasy and imagination:

    "Sandy told us stories late at night.
    She spoke of ships and sailors,
    And a sea so big and wide."

    Sandy was a hardworker, doing all of her chores and serving many "uncles" everyday, but still found time for Evelyn. Evelyn idolizes Sandy as being "the prettiest of all", despite her permiscuous ways, and even look onto her for guidance: "Sandy, what are we sailing for?".

    As time goes on, a new girl comes to the company, and all the "Uncles" want to spend time with her, instead of Sandy, who has become older and does not catch the eye of all her "uncles" anymore. Then, 2 days after Christmas of 1993, she mysteriously dissapears, as is the sutom for all girls who approach their 12th or 13th birthday.

    Above all, I think this song, and the enitire CD, is a magical and disturbing tale of Evelyn Evelyn.
    JackOfAllSpadeson April 08, 2010   Link
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    General CommentConsidering the Budding Flowers Entertainment company; girls being sent away aged around 12/13, I'm supposing Sandy was just sent away, probably to continue a similar life-style as a prostitute. I love the nautical references, the comments about ships and sailing are the idealistic situations Evelyn likes to picture her in. It's a haunting song, wonderful!

    Liouxsieon June 27, 2011   Link
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    General CommentOne thing not mentioned in comments yet. Sandy fishnets washed up on the shore. Dead, presumably. After she goes missing (sold?) at 13, her body washes up. This is alluded to in the lyrics, but in the animation music video begins with her body up, then Evalyn tells the story of her.
    larickon March 15, 2015   Link

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