I love it just love it
Oh.. what a pretty picture now lets...
Jump off the corners and
Swap out the colors
Keep 'em comin' keep 'em comin'
Keep 'em shorter my brethren
Shimmy out another one
Thought about your mother
I'm fed up with the process it's nonsense
You've got to be the farthest thing from artists
You're a head on a suit
I'm the living proof that you don't have to lie to
Keep 'em from the truth

I think that boy's got a sweet tooth
So I'll put sugar in his gas tank
Ohh, ohh
Then I'll wash my hands clean of you
I said oh boy you've got a sweet tooth
I've got some sugar for your gas tank
Ohh, ohh
But I'll wash my hands clean of you.
Clean of you.....

Who doesn't love the feeling of being a stranger
Breathing amongst all the people that you should call
When you need a feeling
I will continue to speak
To honor the sheep
To wreak of an easing a song of kids
Cause they haven't used open meaning

They fed us the works... ahh
And then they changed all my words
Cause I wouldn't say that to you..
Cause I don't have to lie
To keep 'em from the truth

I think that boy's got a sweet tooth
I'll put sugar in his gas tank
Then I'll wash my hands clean of you
Clean of you.

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    Lyric Correction
    Two things im almost positive of "I'm fed up with the process, it's nonsense. You've got to be the farthest thing from artists." Makes sense cause it seems like he talking about record labels and executives changing the meaning of his music. "Who doesnt love the feeling, of being a stranger, breathing amongst all the people who you should call in need of healing." Just sounds more lyrically correct...and feeling just doesnt make any sense.
    frankroson April 16, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    Soo.... basically I disagree with everyone thus far. I could see where the verses would you to believe he's talking about being in a band and his record label and stuff like that but I don't think he meant it like that if you look at all the lyrics as a hole. Obviously, a lot of Ryan's lyrics are based around religion and it makes sense growing up in a Catholic school from what I've heard and that probably consumed a lot of his upbringing and whatnot and I think a lot of his songs talk about religion and people who say they are religious (which is completely different than someones personal beliefs and relationship with God or whatever by the way.) So I think this has a lot to do with Catholic priests and influences manipulating him and others and I think this is kind of told from the point of view where he's telling this boy that he shouldn't believe everything he hears and "I heard you got a sweet tooth, I've got some sugar for your gas tank" basically saying that taking in all the garbage that they're feeding him is gonna ruin him. My biggest reasoning was the second verse. A sheik is a religious officer and I think that verse is talking about how comforting it is to have those people there for you so they think but they don't see things for what they really are. I've heard Ryan say in an interview that he was by no means an atheist or something like that so I don't think anything he writes is about not believing in God but more not trusting the CHURCH. Two different things.
    PaytienceRoseon May 10, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    there's a hidden track called "just south of heaven" starting at 6:48
    staybrutal28on April 10, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    its "more about your lover", not "or i'll buy your lover". its pretty clear what the beginning is about. he's "fed up with the process, it's nonsense, you've got to be the *farthest thing from artists". He hates how the labels and producers (or whoever the "head on a suit" is, i don't really know) try to fuck around with his music and try to twist it into their own idea of what it should be. not sure what the chorus means... maybe "clean of you" means he wants to wash any influence from the people trying to mess with his music? another correction: "who doesn't love the feeling of being a stranger, breathing *amongst all the people who you should call when you need a feeling" from this i get the feeling that he's alluding to the sort of fame that comes along with being in a band, and how much easier it is to get girls because of it... maybe? and then I hear "I will continue to speak, to honor the shiek, and to wreak uneasiness on the kids.." thats just his declaration that he's not gonna back away from the taboo, unpleasant subjects because kids' "heads could use opening" it's "I think they changed all my words" Thank you whoever finally posted these lyrics. LOVE the new album
    ludoloveon April 11, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    im pretty sure its "farthest thing from honest" not "father's thing from artists"
    kylebuttermoreon April 13, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    thanks for the help with lyrics, I bought the cd on itunes with no way of knowing the actual lyrics so I did my best at listening and figuring it out myself. guess I'm not a very good listener haha :P but anyways, this song has got to be one of my favorites, it's beyond awesome
    masonwilliamhatchmanon April 14, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    commendable effort mason! it's tough since even my physical copy did not come with a lyrical booklet (brand new much?) great song though and great way to end the album
    staybrutal28on April 15, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    Yeaahhhh. i looked these lyrics up a few days ago not realizing they were posted by MY BEST FRIEND. haha until he told me like yesterday. anyway, definitely one of my favorite songs on the new album. lyrics are amazing and flow like the Mississippi river. i really didn't have any other analogy. they just flow really well. lol.
    ChristhewhiteTon April 15, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    "another correction: "who doesn't love the feeling of being a stranger, breathing *amongst all the people who you should call when you need a feeling" from this i get the feeling that he's alluding to the sort of fame that comes along with being in a band, and how much easier it is to get girls because of it... maybe?" Disagree completely...Ryan wouldn't brag about being in a band and getting women...never has in any of his songs and he never will. He sings about things that matter to him, and i doubt being a bigshot in a band and getting laid is one of them.
    frankroson April 16, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    I truthfully believe that Ryan is a Deis. Because As Rose stated... Alot of his songs talk about religion. But yet, he only talks about the possibility that there MAY BE a God. He doesn't trust the Church, but he buts trust in God. After listening to both albums, and researching Deis from my boyfriend and best friend (who are Deis), he really does sound like that is the religion that he wants to be.
    lollipop213on May 14, 2010   Link

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