"I wouldn't If You Didn't" as written by and Benjamin Allen Weinman Gregory John Puciato....
Years of the clock go by
How long will you wait for a sign
It seems fiction is hard to break
Forward out of the darkness

Walls of time must fall
Kings and queens must die
Backwards is your fascination myth
Pillar of belief

Carrier of the key
And the time won't wait
And the dreams still break
For in dawn the light reveals

So now how do I live without you?
It seems you've had a lot of time to work it out
What do you think we're gonna do?
You are the ones who build up walls around yourselves to shield your lives from fear

When faces with divinity Do you pay all your dues
Or do you refuse?
If there was no consequence Could you stay inside the lines?
Leave your guilt behind?

Those lips, crooked sadistic words
Don't waste your turn
Save us from the nonexistent
Teaching that suffering is love

Suffering is not love

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"I Wouldn't If You Didn't" as written by Gregory John Puciato Benjamin Allen Weinman

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I Wouldn't If You Didn't song meanings
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    Song Meaningi think it's a religion bashing song. people who live their only life expecting something that wont happen. listening to the bible instead of themselves. wasting their only chance to live a good life.
    ryanjamescorbetton April 08, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis is basically partly a bashing of the backward mentality of some religious people and their bronze-age beliefs. He wants them to grow the fuck up and stop believing in fairy tales so humanity can move forward.
    There's a bit of the Atheist's 1 Commandment "Don't be an asshole" as well:
    "If there was no consequence Could you stay inside the lines?
    Leave your guilt behind?"
    Basically asking: Would you really e.g. go on a killing spree if you thought that there was no hell? (The answer being 'of course you wouldn't, so stop pretending you need the bible in any way for your morals').
    A bit of The Problem of Evil in the last part as well.

    Generally a lot of the anti-religious statements you hear, condensed into a short piece of lyrics. I friggin' love it XD
    SeaOfSandon August 28, 2010   Link
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    General CommentMr Wilson would beg to differ: "The title recalls the stale debate every relationship is perversely built upon: the drama trap of justifying one's actions against another's."

    i suppose that's only an explanation of the title and could be alluding to the relationship between god an man..

    i like these previous two arguments to be honest,
    but: 'So now how do I live without you?
    It seems you've had a lot of time to work it out'
    it's got a really emotional delivery to it in my opinion.

    my conclusion is that it's a heartache song, as well as antithesis to religion disguised as one another. probably addressing the very general issues of faith in mankind/a specific human or a god.
    but at the same time, you can take out so many lines from this and apply them to an awful lot, a brilliantly written song!
    mowglicoyon May 18, 2011   Link

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