"This Place Is Death" as written by and Chino/carpenter Moreno....
You arrive
In my dream
Beside me every night,
You and me
We explode
Through the scene
We try to drain the night

No one goes off in every way
Like you do

We got together
We weaved our web
Tangled in the waves
We spread the scene in red
We both erupt in colors
And carve out our names
You keep me aroused
I know you
Feel the same

You arrive
In my dream
Beside me every night,
Just you and me
We explode
Through the scene
We try to drain the night

No one else has a hold over me
Like you do
You open up the covers, you lure me in
Tackle me anxious, back into bed
Well I hope to discover all of your ways
This place is death
I know you
Feel the same

You arrive in my dream
Beside me every night, just you and me
We explode through the scene
We try to drain the night in every way

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"This Place Is Death" as written by Abran Cunningham Abe Cunningham

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    General CommentSounds to me like he meets the girl of his dreams, but when they are together, they are just unhealthy for eachother. They do crazy things together trying to get the MOST out of life. (...try to drain the knife, empty). When they are together they expect to go crazy (expect to see red). And they get lost in doing these things. (tangled in the ways)(No one else has a hold on me, like you do). But he doesn't care how unhealthy it is because he really likes this girl, he's interested in finding out more about her. (I hope to discover all of your ways). And next to her in bed is where he wants to spend his life (this place is death) where he wants to die. What I got from it. Doesn't mean I'm right just a cool way to think about it for others.
    JonFry81409on March 31, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song is slowly becoming my favourite from Diamond Eyes (which in my opinion has surpassed my expectations and is now one of their best albums to date!!).... I personally think that this song is very sexual, with many subtle references throughout the song to sex, but the biggest thing for me is the title....my first thought was the french phrase for a female orgasm (Le Petit Mort - The Little Death) then when I properly listened to the song it seemed to fit that thought!! Would appreciate other peoples thoughts on this........
    ladybird2204on May 10, 2010   Link
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    General Commentit sounds to me like a wet dream
    wtfstupidon March 30, 2010   Link
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    General Commentit really to me seems like a song about lust really.

    like he cant be with said woman he's lusting after and he imagines her in every way and weaves this proverbial web, a fictional place where they're together. and he knows it;s bad to obsess, but he just cant stop.

    could be about his favorite pornstar too....

    definately a sexual song.

    "the knife" can refer to his penis.
    rocketjumpon March 31, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about Chi.(woooh big surprise)
    Since he is in coma, you might call it a dreamlike state, he(he even might be speaking from somebody else's perspective, I don't know is Chi married?) talks about meeting eachother in a place they both can go to: a dream.
    epistaxison April 30, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThe title of the song is taken from an episode of Lost, with the same name.
    kingtuesdayon May 05, 2010   Link
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    General CommentAs "kingtuesday" stated above, this song title is also the name of a Lost episode. Here is an excerpt describing the episode...

    "After meeting the French science team, Jin reunites with the remaining Island survivors, who are experiencing trouble in coping with Charlotte's deteriorating health."

    Possibly some relation to the band coping with chi's coma??
    JCim422on May 16, 2010   Link
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    General CommentJust Like Risk I think this song has double meanings. I wouldn't hold it beyond Chino to put multiple meanings int oone song. It's about wanting be be one with this girl who's making him do bad things but they don't care Like wtfstupid said but I also think it is about Chi's coma.
    Audia22on May 17, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI hate how everyone says every song is about Chi. How the hell could this song be about Chi?

    "You keep me aroused
    I know you feel the same"

    I don't think Chi in his semi-conscious state can either keep someone aroused or become aroused himself by way of Chino.

    "You open up the covers
    You lure me in
    Tackle me anxious back into bed"

    This means someone is bringing him to bed to have sex with him. It does not take a lot of insight to realize this. If you want me to bring Chi up again, I don't think in his semi-conscious state he could lure OR tackle someone into bed.

    The most reasonable explanation for this song is it's about a relationship that is sexual in nature. Not about Chi. Just because Deftones have a friend who's injured doesn't mean they write every single song on their new album about him. Chill about every song being about Chi.
    convectuoso526on May 22, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis is what Chino said in interview

    Is "This Place is Death" particularly special to you?

    Yeah, it is. Sonically, that's a Stephen song. A lot of people think when we have the ethereal stuff, it's always me, but Stephen was playing with his pedal board and he just got on to this song. Everybody just fell into place after that, and it sounded like chaos to me–but the most romantic, dirty chaos. Lyrically, I matched it a little bit. The song is like exploding out into the night and just going for it.
    frenchcezon May 31, 2010   Link

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