I like you when
When you take off your face
Put away all your teeth
And take us way underneath
Cause you could die if you take it alone

I watch you taste it
I see your face
And I know I'm alive
You're shooting stars
From the barrel of your eyes
It drives me crazy
Just drives me wild

I kinda like you when
When you make up the real
Take the phone in your room
Stop the tape always soon
Well you could try if you think it will load

I watch you taste it
I see your face
And I know I'm alive
You're shooting stars
From the barrel of your eyes
It drives me crazy
It drives me wild

Every time
Every time you try
It's a beautiful ride
It's a beautiful ride

I watch you taste it
I see your face
And I know I'm alive
Your shooting stars
From the bottom of your eyes
It drives me crazy
Just drives me wild

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"Beauty School" as written by Abran Cunningham Abe Cunningham

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Beauty School song meanings
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    General CommentPersonally, I think this song has multiple meanings. Chino's not really the type to have ONE idea on a song & write it strictly about that, he writes lyrics from straight up feelings, feelings can vary, even on the spot. The song, to me, basically has 3 aspects. Letting someone "in" behind your "mask", oral sex or sex in general & drug/tripping, probably all with the same person portrayed in the song. It's genius how some parts of the lyrics have a double meanings. Fantastic song.
    Vyxsynon November 29, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationThis entire album tells one continuing story. Please see my posts on previous tracks and let me know if you think I'm at all accurate.

    By the time we reach track 5, “Beauty School,” the queen has fallen completely in love with her king. She is becoming more comfortable with their visits to the physical realm, where they must shed their godly status.

    “I like you when, when you take off your face
    You put away all your teeth
    And take us way underneath”

    It is becoming more apparent that the king is very powerful. Though he doesn’t always elect to use his power to its potential (see “CMND/CTRL”) he possesses powerful tools (see “teeth” explained in my interpretation of the song “Royal.” But the queen is becoming less focuses on his godly powers, as she realizes the beauty of his mortal/human side. She likes it when they leave their heavenly state and visit the lower world of the humans, where they may explore their physical relationship (“I like…when you…take us way underneath.”)

    “‘Cause you could die if you take it alone
    I watch you taste it
    I see your face
    And I know I’m alive
    You’re shooting stars from the barrel of your eyes
    And it drives me crazy, just drives me wild”

    The queen realizes what perhaps the king has known all along: their partnership is essential to saving the world. (This makes a lot more sense if you have read my previous posts.) Analogous to the story of Christ, the god must visit (“taste”) the physical world he wishes to save. But the Earth is poison and could kill God’s physical manifestation if he goes alone. When the queen sees the king recoil from the poison Earth, it is an indication of the mortality the pair chose to embrace (in “You’ve Seen the Butcher”) thus she knows she’s alive. It has been established (in “Diamond Eyes”) that the gods direct the Earthlings through manifestations of stars or rain. She watches the king work as he shoots stars from his eyes.

    “I kinda like you when, when you make up the reel
    You take the phone in your room, stop the tape or resume
    Well you could try if you think it will load”

    She still does not fully understand the king’s methods. His room (which she slowly enters in “Butcher”) is a secretive place where he does his work. She is learning more about what it means to be mortal/human and she is enamored by his enlightenment on the subject. It is later revealed (in 976-EVIL) that the protagonist (who is possibly based on Chi) uses his phone to dial Earth.

    “It’s a beautiful ride”
    She refers to the bittersweet journey from heaven to Earth.
    TomIn703on June 11, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti thought it was about a blow job...
    bow4iamgodon February 14, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song is amazing!

    Verse 1- Chino like this girl best when she is real, doesn't put on an act or play games. He like it when she takes him "Beneath" the surface where she feels vulnerable. True self!

    Chorus- He sees this girl get a taste of real attraction or love and the way she looks at him makes Chino believe there is really something there. It makes him feel alive when she looks at him with the "stars in her eyes". It drives him wild.

    Verse 2- I agree with with Mrdillinger for the most part. The girl that Chino desires will go back and forth from her 2 personalities... the surface and the real. Chino sees her change into the surface girl where she texts and is a part of this network that doesn't involve him. "Stop the tape, I'll reload".... Her attention is divided, but she'll be back as long as you're here.
    Chino can only handle so much "Well, you can try if you think it will load"

    "While it's a beautiful ride, ride" - Get it while it's good. Love while you can love, cause it could be gone any minute. Enjoy the moment that we have. I enjoy this concept so much

    This is how I interpret it. It's hard to put into words, but he did it in a way that make me think this way. I fucking love the Deftones!
    joelowtoneon April 13, 2010   Link
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    General Comment"You’re shooting stars
    From the barrel of your eyes
    And it drives me crazy, just drive me wild.."
    - say this to a girl and it'll drive her wild... tested and proven... :))
    obijuantamadon June 03, 2010   Link
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    My Interpretationnot to be vulgar, but the first time i heard the song, i was certain that it's about a blowjob.

    "I watch you taste it
    I see your face
    And I know I’m alive"

    chino getting excited over cumming in a girls mouth.

    "You’re shooting stars
    From the barrel of your eyes"

    the chick gagging and her eyes watering.

    "Every time, everytime
    You drive me wild
    It’s a beautiful ride

    "And it drives me crazy, just drive me wild"

    etc, etc...

    great song, of course :)
    xerceson July 13, 2010   Link
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    General Commentchrist! why does EVERY song that halfway mentions affection, closeness, or emotion of any sort HAVE to be some lame ass [LoVe] song about a guy getting sprung over some slut? it could very well be about anyone, guy or girl who Chino is close to. "i like you when you take your face off" is him talking about how he admires and respects the person for who they really are personally rather than the face they wear in front of others. you could take the "you could die if you do this alone" as a means of him saying he/she should never feel alone or isolated from his/her close friends. that even in the bleakest of circumstances he/she has people to rely on. I watch you taste it
    "I see your face, And I know I’m alive. You’re shooting stars. From the barrel of your eyes. And It drives me crazy, just drives me wild". could mean anything from him saying he appreciates the lust for life someone has, how their personality and desire to live inspires him to do the same, and how that person makes him impassioned at the fact he's alive. WHERE exactly is he writing "oh baby girl, you're my one and only, i [LoVe] you so much, blah blah something that ryhmes with heart and apart.

    some of you guys REALLY need to quit wading on the surface and trying to equate EVERY song you hear as some lame ass romance tune. there are far more targets and topics in the world than hearts, Cupid, and "relationshits"(no typo) people.
    otakubuckyon July 29, 2010   Link
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    General Commentbecause the song is about oral sex.
    Jarethon August 17, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI thought it was about getting to know someone, and them showing you their true selves, and now that they are comfortable with each other they take drugs together and then have sex, or just trip together Its a "beautiful ride" because they are in the beginning of their relationship when its all new and exciting and you can't get enough of each other or keep your hands off each other. They maybe take a drug that makes them go all lovey dovey...I'm thinking E? Which would only emphasise the already intense attraction they have....
    The second verse throws me though, I was thinking "when you make up the reel" it could be that she's the one leading, as in making the "scene" happen (reel as in movie reel?) and take the phone in your room, I was thinking phone sex? or it could be meant as in take the communication or interaction between each other in her room? and "stop the tape or resume" hhhmm maybe stop the trip or sex, or keep it going? Maybe she is having doubts..."you can try if you think it will load" they could stop what they are doing if she thinks they could have the same experience again, other wise it might not be the same as the fist time? I dunno, I'm high lol prob just over thinking the lyrics, I love this song though. I love the little melody Chino does at the end
    Iwillonlycomplicateyouon October 29, 2010   Link
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    General CommentTime magazine once praised Chino for being one of the most abstract and intelligent song writers in recent times. It's not difficult to see why.

    I believe this song deals with a person taking off the public mask they wear in public and revealing who they really are to you. Letting their guard down, letting you in to see who they really are.

    I also think the song elaborates on how it is never easy to do this and goes into even though there is great danger in it. In saying that, it means a great deal when somebody shows their true self, if only for a short amount of time. It solidifies a connection between two entities but presents great vulnerability.

    The section of this song that I believe is the most cryptic is:

    "I kinda like you when, when you make up them real
    Take the phone in your room, stop the tape I'll resume
    Well you could try if you think it will load"

    My personal opinion of this is; when are person does let their guard down, it has a habit of coming back up again in fear. If the receptive soul is able, with little influence, they can get another person to let them in regardless of the door that stands between the two.

    Behind that door, with that guard down, when they are at their most vulnerable state...lies true beauty.
    MrDillingeron April 13, 2010   Link

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