Buildings come down and buildings come up
And handshakes around we've really run amock
But summer's no time to get bent out of shape
With party's? at nine and payoffs at eight

I must say that I feel I'll be out of place
With trumpets that fly and memories that race
The telephone rings it just rings and rings
I've got no time I've got to get going
I've got to get going
I've got to get going
Get going

I've got to get going
I've got to get going
I've got to get going
I've got to get going
Get going

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    General Comment
    Wow no comments yet for this tune! I'd love for someone to have an idea about what its about, there aren't many lyrics so you'd think it would be easier (or maybe its just me being clueless...probable). The official video to this song also makes it a bit more confusing, the band members appear to be discussing a girl's accident who died in a car crash, then they all seem to get up and throw loads of birthday cake around. I'll try and figure this, even though I'll probably be WAY off the mark:
    It seems like some kind of comment on the busy and non-stop nature of life.

    "Buildings come down and buildings come up" - Buildings are always being demolished or built... the skyline around us is always changing, but demolishing and constructing buildings takes a great deal of time. The lyrics would suggest its all a bit more rushed than that though, something which takes a while seems like it doesn't, because life is moving too fast.

    "Handshakes around we've really run amok" - I have no idea but the use of the word 'amoke' again leans towards a busy, fast crazy life, maybe in this sense based around the decisions we make throughout our life (handshakes - offical sounding)

    "But Summers no time to get bent out of shape, with parties at 9 and pay-offs at 8" - Still siding with the busy lifestyle theme, this time including the social side of it all, trying to maintain career and social life.

    “I must say that I feel I’ll be out of place, with trumpets that fly and memories that race” — He/She can’t keep up with the present (the party) or the past (memories), and it’s unsettling.

    “The telephone rings it just rings and rings” — A reference possibly to when people are too busy to pick up the phone, so it just keeps ringing and ringing.

    “I’ve got no time I’ve got to get going. I’ve got to get going (repeat” — The biggest reasoning for why I think the song is about the mad rush of life. The fact its repeated almost suggests that he or she doesn’t even have the time to get going, like when you really need to leave a party to catch a train but people keep stopping you to talk.

    Maybe this would explain the car-crash reference. It could be a grim analogy into how busy a life the victim led and suddenly it caused her to crash. Like our minds, when full to the brim, might suddenly just explode, and maybe we need moment to pause.

    Hmmm, I think I'll just stick to listening to the song and enjoying the tune!
    mogwinon November 03, 2010   Link
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    General CommentStating the obvious...What a fantastic song! I just have to groove to it. I think your close enough to the mark wogwin, the awareness of an always moving modern world but the helplessness to act against it..although the thing i like about this song is that it makes you stop and step out of that world and into the songs blissful arousement everytime you hear it...well at least in my case :)
    Midnight Showon October 13, 2011   Link

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