*the tiger got to hunt
the bird got to fly
the man got to sit and wonder why
the tiger got to sleep
the bird got to land
the man got to tell himself one day he'll understand

they can't slow my shows throughout the lower south
so with my rapid fire motormouth I capsized the show promoters house
claimed my coined and copped a case of cola
hopped a train so vain we was soaking down to NOLA
I'm a scatterbrain eatin' boxes of Zatarain's at the lack of stains toppin' table tops
tellin' cable cops that I don't have a name or occupation
that's when they lost they're patience
and brought me to the station for some cross examination
I'm being held under wrongful suspicion
all bundled up in the awkward position
till my man the jailer handed me a file
I filed the bars and documents and wandered down the aisle
once back on my hurtin' feet i hurdled free to bourbon street
where unexpectedly i met a fleeter at a cappa cheese who want to murder me
because my eighth grade grand pops sold the land with a gun in his hand
now lookin' back is just a blur
they sold me for my fur plus my frankincense and mur
I had to been beaten in the head with the bike to feed my Blues
I won't dispute all my philosophical views
although I didn't have many to lose
the most significant of them is one i often abuse


I was awoken several hours later by defibrillator
headed to the sixth level in a crowded elevator in the medicinal center
where the doctors all said I would be shackled in forever to a hospital bed
they tried to calm me down with their sedatives and drowsiness
then I read the proud text of Malcom x
it taught I should never let em put my mouth to rest and speak out against
money hungry charlatans and counterfeits
one day I snapped, gnawed through my straps
fled my water luncheon through the rubber somewhat blurry mass and ass
of parishioners who were all in awe
why you worship this awful god with all your knobs
jumped on the table ripped the box from off the wall
swung a line cable through the window in the hall
the nurses pulled can of pepper spray from their purses
but their disperses prove worthless as I made my getaway to the surface
pirated a charter boat crossed the gulf along the (?) to the Galapagos
off in the distance a perforated roll
ran through playin' piano like worms through a skull

yo Nietzsche couldn't reach me nor could any of his kind
cause cuttin' down vines with a simian mind is like tryin
to drain the ocean out on the dry land
even if you succeed the water meets up again
it's been a long time since my introspective journey
and with the help of a respected attorney
I moved out west to find a home in Idaho
long from the land of Cajun catfish and Zydeco
and up here there ain't nothin' to do
unless your into having barnyard fun and huffing glue
and I'm not so I sit and wonder lots
as my chargle didding mind sifting to another spot
would stay out of picture women swim without a sone thought
and reality and man killed the next stores crop
and I used to do the same for an answer to my question
till I figured out there aint a man who has possession
assuming there's a foundation there to possess
it's all too human too expect any sense
the thought would always claw at the back of my mind
why outta all the great beasts why I had to be mine
leg leg arm head upright spine
it's a members only club with one way to resign


the tiger got to hunt
the bird got to fly
the man got to sit and wonder why
the tiger got to sleep
the bird got to land
the man will never understand even if he thinks he can

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