My heart is yours to have
If I just had it with me
But I don't because I seem to have left it
With someone else.

I wish that I could say
What you deserve to hear
But I can't because I've already given my words

Cast away from me.
Cast away from me.
Cast your feelings aside.
Babe, I'm not worth the fight.
For your sake,
Cast away from me.

Listen here. I understand your place right now
You're like a bird in the air, you can't see the ground.
Looking for a little land to rest your hands on.

I'll be your safety even though you say you're fine.
Keeping track from below as I strain my eyes.
You gotta come down here and rest your wings.
(Come down, rest your wings)

Would you find it hard to realize
That I can't say that I'm okay without you?
My feelings are for certain and I know that
For your sake, you should stay with me.

We lay here side by side at night,
Wanting to feel,
But I don't. No, I won't. Because I've already felt
The pain.

(All I really want from you is a place to be)
You searched inside of me for a place to be
Even if it's nowhere near my heart.

Cast away from me.
(Would you find it hard to realize)
Cast away from me.
(That I can't say that I'm okay without you?)
Cast your feelings aside.
(My feelings are for certain)
Babe, I'm not worth the fight.
(and I know that)
For your sake,
Cast away from me.
(you should stay with me.)

Hey Avala,
There's no reason.
What's your beauty for?
You've been waiting
All of your life to be free.

Cast away from me.
Cast away from me.
Cast your feelings aside, babe, I'm not worth the fight.
For your sake,
For you.

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    My InterpretationAt first I thought this song was about trying to be in a relationship with someone, but still loving someone from the past. After listening a few times and reading over the lyrics, I think it's more about two people together, but one has changed. The narrator is saying that he would give his heart to the new person, but he already gave it to the old one, and he would say "I love you" to the new person, but he's already given those words away to the person they used to be.

    In the end, it's about the narrator's struggle between urging the changed person to either stay with them or go (cast away).
    cucci67on November 15, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think you are sort of right, but I interpret it differently.
    I'm going through something like this...
    I think its about how he fell in love he gave the best of himself to her, and when it ended, he can never get over her. He still loves her.
    This other girl likes him and he doesn't want to hurt her, and he's telling her to cast her feelings away, because he's not worth it. Because he's not capable of loving her back. He feels that he will only hurt her so he's telling her for her own good to let go of him. So really he feels that he's not worth it, and she needs to find someone who can love her. But he doesn't want her to go away, because he does like her, he just doesn't think he can promise a serious relationship because the best part of his love is for someone else. Maybe its a plead to just be friends?
    I've been on both ends of this, I've been in love with someone who felt this way, and now being let down, I'm in the same circumstance as she was in... so its just my take on the song.
    ryan393on December 24, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIt's a duet so it's easier if you think about it that way. It's about a relationship where one person has moved on and doesn't feel the same way anymore whereas the other is still wanting the relationship to continue.

    You can tell this because of the conflicting verses. One verse talks about "it was nowhere near my heart" but the next goes on to say "That I can't say that I'm okay without you." Also, at the end where they are singing together different lines, it shows how differently each person feels.

    It's easier to tell all of this after watching the live performance.…
    Primemeador16on April 18, 2011   Link

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