It's too bad
That my brother can't be here today
It's too bad
That my brother can't be here today

Well, one time he came around to my house, you know
And I was kind of, like, out of my mind
And I seen him a-crying away

I say hey baby, hey yeah
Hear me cry
Hey baby, baby, baby
Hear me cry

Remember that room full of mirrors I was telling you about?
I said brother
Don't tell me you come around here to hustle like the rest of people do
I say brother, brother
Don't tell me you came around here hustling like the rest of those people do

And he said, "No, no, brother Jim"
He said, "I'm just coming here to look for life like you"
He said, "Don't fear me, brother, baby"

I say that's what happen sometimes
When you lose yourself in nothing
And he looked at me, you know he said these two blondes around the next day
I said, "Lord, please don't lose yourself
That what happen when you lose yourself on nothing"

He said, "Baby, you know me, I'm your brother
Please don't take me for nothing"

It's too bad, too bad
Lord, my brother just can't be here with me today
It's too bad
My brother can't be here with me today

But he came around to my house and asked for me, uh, help me out
I said, "Man, go the hell on your hustling way, yeah"
And I think they send him away to the war today, hey hey

So I'll go way across the tracks, way across the tracks
And man, they treat me the same as you do too
Well, I'll go way back over across the track
And they treat me the same as you do
Say man, until you come back, completely back
Go back where you came from too

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    General CommentIt's about a friend who lives his life in addictive behavior, women, drug, etc...and he asks for help by telling a sad story or using some ruse to get some sympathy, but Jimi ain't buying it...and unfortunately (thus "It's too bad") sounds like this friend eventually joined the military and was sent off to war...

    Addictive behavior is difficult to kick, especially if you are not aware that you are hustling people, your friends as so forth. You gotta know yourself and want to dig yourself out of your cycles that lead nowhere and respect no one. Once you are tired of it and want out for real, your pleas for help might get some response. One day at a time, one day at a time.
    suomynonaon January 16, 2014   Link

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