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    General CommentCorrect lyrics:

    I am a ghost, this is a dream.
    There's something here, it calls to me.
    I sense it 'cause it's always there. So silent as I stare and stare.
    There is a light, when we're asleep.
    We bear the doors with locks and keys.
    With feelings of our hopes and fears, as sounds explode within our ears.

    Like stars at night, falling fast asleep.
    An arisen sun, waiting patiently.
    You can feel it 'cause it's always there. Growing stronger as we stare and stare.
    Like love and lies, shake violently
    Down to the core to foster grief.
    It has a way to keep me down. I gotta' say it wears me out.

    So sadly, soul survivors.
    Lost and lonely in open water.

    Help I'm losing. Help I'm falling.
    Life is silent, the Earth is calling.
    Every reason, every night time,
    And every day starts and ends in sunlight.
    But I'm not okay with this vicious cycle.
    Somethings broken, it seems unnatural.
    These shapes are wondrous, but loosely woven.
    The sounds are deafening, and time is broken.

    So sadly, soul survivor.
    Lost and lonely in open water.

    With that said I think the song is about the insanity of isolation. Growing tired of the routine of living alone without connection to another human being, and contemplating a way out, namely suicide.
    timasahhon March 24, 2011   Link
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    General Commentthis is probably my favorite song of this album next to flight of apollo, the moon-atomic, and shove.

    basically i think this is about 2 people that are the soul survivors after the world ends and they meet up and look to God and eachother to survive.
    sum41angelsandairwaveson February 15, 2010   Link
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    General Commentso, i like this song. and i really wasn't expecting something great to come out of this album, i was wrong. (: haha. and as to the meaning: i'm not really sure. but yeah. ha
    iwillrockyourfaceawayon February 15, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthis song is beautiful
    itsrachel91on February 19, 2010   Link
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    General CommentGreat song. To me it seems like this song will be used during a type of scene montage to show how the astronaut is now completley alone and the last person alive, after the earth collapses.
    Reintroductionon March 05, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI don't really have much to say on this song myself, but has no-one else noticed how "soul" is spelled? Not like "sole" as in the only one left or whatever, but "soul" as in one's... spirit, I suppose. That has to be significant, even if I can't see how.
    Arroganceon August 28, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIn our lives, we perceive things in our own way. We see the positive or the negative. We interpret reality into something we want to believe. We often create a feeling based on how we perceive life and the world, or what we think we see and hear. So, in this time when communication is wide spread but we all seem to be living in our own world, thoughts, feelings - we are disconnected from each other. We are surrounded by each other yet we don't connect as we should. We are present but NOT truly aware of life and the planet and everything that is connected to each other in ways we cannot imagine. Yet, there's a "light" when we are asleep. We dream of life as it could be, but we are stuck in our self defeating thoughts. We know there's more. We feel that we are all lost and we feel that we can be more and create something greater and beyond the desires for lust (love and lies), beyond the day to day "needs".. This awareness speaks to us in our sub-cautiousness, but we get so caught up in the negative. Our soul is begging to come it and be itself, but we keep it down. Perhaps we perfect it. We may seem okay, but we're not okay. Our souls are disconnected from the life it begs to be apart of. We are our own worst enemy, but we can be our own best friend.

    This song is declaring that what you're feeling is real. It does not get better with money, lust, or the fulfillment of our desires. There's more. It's calling to you. What is it? That's for us to figure out and follow and find what's out there in front of our faces. Like the stars at night.. They're more than glowing dots. Like an arisen sun, waiting patiently. That light is coming. Will you stay inside or will you welcome the sun with your skin to feel it's warmth.
    We can dig deep and understand more and be aware of what we can be. What we are now is a lost society of humans. Lost and alone until we die... Or, are we?
    WACatmullon February 26, 2016   Link

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