"The Soda Jerk" as written by and Hal David Tandyn Almer....
Then he looks to her with bloodshot eyes
Says, "This is the day of which I've fantasized."
The streets have become too dark now to go to work
Guess the only one left is the soda jerk

The blue sky bruises to green as we fade to dusk
Below us churns the pool of her eternal lust
The killer wakes up scapegoated and hungover
Catches the midnight bus and rolls to work

Knowing their end has been long prophesized
He looks into the sulfurous hailstorm of her eyes
Sees the giant looking back deep in her brain
Leaves her bleeding and confused in acid rain

Motor oil stains her lips
Her candied eye lures him in
Oh Indie God, oh let me in
The sweet-tooth spider reels him in

Kills them by a river, dumps them in a lake
Tried to bite his tongue but she was just too fake
The bark of wild dogs or just mark of the beast
It puts his car in neutral and he heads back east

Oh my God, it's come again
That feeling's back in this damn town
I can't sit up - I can't stand down
Can't tell color from the sound

Of Hipster Angel's metal strings
Oh Indie God, oh let me in
I can't take what the summer brings
I can't take the California king

Nobody's worth their shit in this town by the lake
They walk deserted streets just waiting to be saved
By the cardboard angels sitting in the tree
The jagged smiles of the preachers on TV

There lives a man named Lester in the sewer pipe
He roosts there because he's never been the working type
A mile north a girl named Jessie takes the stage
She sparkles in the spotlight while she wastes away

Old Randal shoots his fix while lying in the sand
Thinks the time has come to get back with the band
Try to reconcile again with his old man
If only for a second, make him understand

The mindset of the officer who goes berserk
The hollows in the eyes of the soda jerk
The allure of dark-lit topless bars to married men
The hate that courses through the mind of your best friend

Time is running up as this night winds on down
The killer's boot slams on the gas and it leaves town
The girl he let live sits upright in the front seat
For the first time he and the cops will both be beat

The sky's too dark to
Go to work
Oh, face the eyes of
The soda jerk
Oh, let this go and
Reel your line back in
Oh, what's the use of fishing
When you can swim...?

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