"In This Shirt" as written by and James Gerard Mcdermott....
I am lost in a rainbow
Now our rainbow is gone
Overcast by your shadow
As our worlds move on

In this shirt I can be you
To be near you for a while
In this shirt I can be you
To be near you for a while

There's a crane knocking down
All these things that we were
I awake in the night to
Hear the engines pout

There's a pain it does ripple
Through my frame makes me lame
There's a thorn in my side
It's the shape it's the prize

Of you and me ever changing
Moving on now moving fast
And this touch must be wanting
Must become free to act

But I mean jape to tell you
That I love you and never rash
And I bled everyday now
For a year for a year

I did send you a note
On the wind for to read
Our names there together
Must've fallen like the sea

To depths of the soil
Buried deep in the ground
On the wind I can hear you
Call my name held the sound

I am lost
I am lost in a rainbow
No a rainbow is gone
I am lost in a rainbow
No a rainbow is gone

I am lost, I am lost
I am lost, I am lost
I am lost

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"In This Shirt" as written by Jamie Mcdermott James Gerard Mcdermott

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    My Interpretation"lost in our rainbow" I think it signifies how he was consumed in the peaceful bliss and his life was truly vivid and colorful and without this person he is lost. It's as if part of him has died because you no longer have the beauty and warmth of the rainbow to assure that everything is okay.
    Then he goes on to say "overcast by your shadow" meaning that no matter where he goes, he thinks of this person, he sees this person and time and location don't affect how he feels. However, once he puts this shirt on he has that sense of feeling whole again and with the one he lost. It's about the the sad nostalgia that devours you when you lose someone.
    "the crane", I assume is the obstacles that have resulted in there own destruction. Probably my favorite line is "There's a thorn, in my side, it's the shame, it's the pride..." He still feels the pain that he can not easily remove and it all due to two different feelings. One of shame, because now everything that has been lost is out of control and pride because how far do we go until we finally decide to stop sacrificing in order to be happy, yet the happiness was a result of being with the other person. It's the irony he must face.
    This is sad where we see change not being something desired by him. No matter how they 'move on' he thinks about this person every day and with so much pain because all he wants is for things to return. His memories become his enemy because they haunt him with these sad feelings of remorse and emptiness. He is almost numb because he has endured so much. So fucking upsetting, but I think every person goes through this in there life and our experiences are what make us appreciate all we do have. That's it for me.
    insearchon April 29, 2013   Link
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    General CommentCan't believe there isn't any more lyrics to this great group, I don't understand half of what they say, otherwise would love to submit them lol
    Great songs!!!
    truzon July 15, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis is my absolute favorite set of lyrics...
    Asparagi39on January 23, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI love these lyrics - the new BT Infinity advert brought me here, and I'm so glad I came across this song.

    I'm not too good at this kind of thing, but when I listened to the lyrics to me it seemed to me that it was written about some kind of relationship/friendship ending or or two people growing apart. I think the person who is singing this maybe holds onto or misses their other half, more than they are missing them.

    The lines 'Overcast, by yours shadow, as our worlds move on' suggest that the person writing or singing this is still caught up in this person, but is now in their shadow and therefore out of their thoughts and heart. 'I am lost' is a line that is repeated often in this song. I think this once again backs up my point about this person feeling alone now that their family/friend/lover has left.

    The lyrics 'I did send you a note on the wind for to read' and 'To the depths of the soil buried deep in the ground' to me suggest that this person thinks their relationship was meant to be and that they weren't supposed to part. The mentions of nature make me think that the person writing/singing thinks it is natural and should be.

    Just an idea...:)
    RebeccaLovesEvanescenceon December 31, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about him and Jake, their relationship has ended he tries to move on but can't (Overcast, by your shadow, as our worlds move on), every now and then he wears a shirt Jake left behind, the shirt may smell of Jake still or just remind him of times together with him.(But in this shirt, I can be you, to be near you for a while)
    He misses Jake dearly (I am lost) but maybe he didn't realise what Jake meant to him until he was gone.(I am lost, in our rainbow, now our rainbow has gone)

    That's what it means to me. But every time I hear this song I think it's beautiful in a melancholy kind of way. The Röyksopp remix is excellent too.
    Josephine69on April 18, 2012   Link
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    General CommentTo whomever gave RebeccaLovesEvanescence a negative, it's her opinion and you should leave a comment rather than hide behind a click of your mouse.
    Josephine69on April 18, 2012   Link
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    General CommentIn verse 6, it's Jake not jape.

    It's hard for me to hear a song of loss like this about a shirt and not think of the last scene in "Brokeback Mountain" where Ennis is holding Jack's shirt.
    justabitofaon March 02, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationFirst up; this song destroys me every time I listen to it.
    Usually my emotional reaction to a song lessons pretty significantly after a while, but god this really has stuck with me.
    It's just so genuinely plaintively longing and hopeless.

    Interpretation wise It's definitely Jamie McDermott's relationship with 'Jake' having come to an end, as others here have already noted. My point of contention is whether Jake has left him, whether they grew apart or whether Jake has died.

    Pointing toward Jake having left him is the fairly clear 'I awake in the night, to hear the engines purr'; he's waking up to the car starting up, with Jake leaving him in the dead of night. The 'of you and me ever changing, moving on now moving fast' also feels pretty definitive- two men gone their separate ways.
    And the thorn in his side, the shame and pride, could be that he knows he caused this to happen, he's somehow responsible for (or at least feels he is) the crane knocking down all the things they were.

    But the imagery of the note on the wind, and its burial, with the evocative links to earth and soil gives a feeling of death to the whole thing. And really the whole song's tone feels so final- 'I am lost', hearing the echo of his name on the wind. It seems more than having someone you love leave. Sounds like decay.

    So my thought would be that in his leaving, Jake dies, and Jamie never gets the chance to redeem himself, doesn't have the option to repair the relationship and is stuck in this state of perpetual self hatred. Bleeding for a year. Needing to tell him how much he loves him, but being totally unable to. Writing it in a note that he knows cannot reach him. Buried deep in the ground.

    Anyways, freaking love this song, especially how unabashedly gay it is.
    I'm normally not one to go in for the whole gay suffering trope, always looking for more positive portrayals in media for a slight self-worth boost/optimistic future, you know?
    But this set of lyrics is so damn powerful I'm willing to put that aside for a bit.
    Gennaroctopuson May 30, 2016   Link

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