Giants can't kill ants, even if they watch they step
Reaching for the sky but your crawl to your death
You spitted gibberish, for the love of chaos
Channel FM drop, called it a Séance
Can thy weak allegories, and shotgun blast definitions
Planet Earth is too small for us, and I'm too bored to listen to your small talk
Micky Mouse walking the kids to see the body of Tupac
Pretending we fifteen is the human to be I suppose
No one wants fire and brimstone with they gin and juice anymore
But I come from the future with warnings
End, all relationships fixed, fast, and frozen
Unplug the speakers, if the slogans are hallow
This is a culture war, who do you want to dig your grave for you?
You're selling piss, you say it's holy water
You hid behind your scarf, I hide behind my shadow
You call me up and say I need more gun shots on my laptop
Even though I walked from Mecca to Toys R Us backwards
Let no flames catch on my rotting brain
They say you were the greatest playwright, but you stole those lines
He who plays dead combs the greenest gas
That remains to be seen but I count you loosing teeth
In paradise your teeth will grow back, I promise
In paradise I'll hide my laughter, I promise

Giants can't kill ants even if they watch they step
Giants couldn't kill ants no matter how hard they tried

Tell me, what's the new "poor is cool"?, the new Telegraph uniform
Thrift stores are out, straight jackets are the new Naam
Putting newscasters to sleep doesn't interest
All that matters is how we look when they scatter us
Like flies in Africa, I'm loosing for a place
To rest my weary ribs, also my aging face
But the air is dry, and of the Earth there's so much pain, and in the mountains only so much liquid
So please bleed me dry like the new sons of Wild Pitch
Or I'll be forced to join a Death Can For Cutie cover band
In paradise your shadow itself it scares you
Over the river, the wind breaks beneath you
In paradise your name is a series of bumps, and dots, and dashes with little to no connection to the past
In paradise, you pray someone is watching over you
In paradise, someone is indeed watching you
There's not enough electricity to dumb us all
They lock us in jars and say, "Stillness is perfection."
There's six millions ways to be stoned in the courtyard
Do you want to be an outlaw?
We'll throw you to your in-laws
We'll throw you in the ring with the biggest robots money could buy
This world's a child's dream, bulldozers sing for you
The cars burn themselves, and streetlight kidnap you
You hand in your medals and they melt them into bullets and crosses
They told you you were Zeus, but you were just one of his Goddesses

In paradise... burn victims model underwear
In paradise... there you are forced to enjoy yourself
In paradise... happiness is insanity
The worlds last polar bear gets all the oil companies

In paradise... wars are invented by our fathers
In paradise... wars are invented by our brothers
In paradise... wars are invented by our leaders
In paradise... wars are prevented by our mothers

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