"In Another Time" as written by Stuart Matthewman, Helen Adu and Andrew Hale....
You'll be surprised girl,
Soon they will mean nothing to you
They will fall into their own
With them to
There's nothing
Nothing that you have to do

In another time girl
Tears wont leave a trace
In another time girl
In another place

You been down girl,
There were whispers of hail storms in your face
Your so tired of waiting
For something to change

They don't know what to do with
Something so good
But you wouldn't heart them,
You wouldn't heart them if you could
On of these days they gonna fall into their world
And they will know exactly what they did to you

Darling I just want you to know
Your tears wont leave a trace,
In another time girl,
In another time girl
In another place

Darling I just want you to know
Your tears wont leave a trace,
In another time girl,
In another time girl

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"In Another Time" as written by Helen Adu Andrew Hale

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    General CommentAccording me this is about a girl who has been through too many heartaches and Sade is telling her
    to have faith...and in another time and place she will find herself healed :)

    Im going through the same..and this song soothes me, makes me cry but helps me..
    VarunP1984on March 05, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningI believe the song is talking about a woman who has been hurt by other women judging or lying about her for the purpose of damaging or destroying her relationship with a man. The result being not only her pain and sorrow, her loss of love, her becoming ostracized by other men and women; it also results in the destruction of that man. It talks about Karma and how the action of these people will turn around on those who started the lies and judging and on those who took part by just believing the lies and sharing in the gossip. Once they become the victims of similar circumstances, maybe they will see how wrong they were and the pain they caused. We dont see when people reap what the sow but it happens....the problem is not everyone learns from their mistakes...so the song does on to say "your tears won't leave a trace" to me this means cry and let it go....their actions have control only as long as you continue to allow them to control you. Once you have grieved do not allow yourself to continue to be the victim...their actions do not define you or your future. Live for tomorrow not yesterday. This song really speaks to me....and I DECLARE I will not be a victim. I will always strive to be a better person, live a better life, and pray that all My actions are for the good of others in His light and in His image...Amen!!!
    beverly109on September 17, 2016   Link
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    General CommentMean Girls.
    i think she's singing about 1 girl who is being treated badly by a group of mean girls who are "whispering" about her.

    "One of these days
    They're gonna fall into their brew"

    In other words those witches are going to get what they deserve for being so hateful.
    really chill, awesome song
    kaiellaon March 11, 2010   Link
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    General CommentSo tired of waiting, for something to change......In another time, in another place....our tears will leave NO trace. (paraphrased) -- I feel this song is about going thru life carrying the burden of much grief or sadness, for whatever reason. Here it applies to, what I believe is "bullying" and being teased/mocked......or perhaps a great love lost, that never really luvd u back - and one day, in another time, in another place-none of that matters. And when, truly, NONE of that matters, and there will be no more tears, sadness, pain, grief, etc......is when we are w/the Lord. And only then will those tears leave NO trace and we will KNOW nothing of ever having shed them, and feel only: love, joy and complete acceptance, just as we are. JMO.....don't bash me for being a deep thinker, and looking into lyrics for more than just face-value (the actual words.) I suppose we all can interpret lyrics in different ways, and that IS the wonder of music. We ALL can connect to music differently. I do NOT know what I would do w/out music. Music IS the best therapy.
    JetGalon December 20, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningAn experienced women (mother?) is talking to a young woman (her daughter?) who's experiencing a heart pain. The mother is giving to her daughter the perspective that time gave her.
    justyna258on March 27, 2013   Link
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    General CommentIt could be two ways 1) she is talking to her self, telling herself he knows what he’s done and it’s time to move on. Or 2) it is a mother comforting her child and telling her no matter what she has done he knows what he did and lost a good thing. Summarized
    Nat4283on June 12, 2018   Link

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