I See these swift eyed whispering heads with no shame
Conducting their business like they ain't got no brains
See my swift eyes picturing things a slow change
But nothing changes less we make it though
The times are so strange

The sun rises most days
Young hearts have old brains
We eat crap-donalds burgers instead of wholegrains
Bound up in our own gold chains
The mechanisms of power make sure there's no change
These the same institutions that bought and sold slaves
Who murdered and stole land from the old braves
And they still got the power they had in the old days
In my opinion they are controlling the whole place
Telling us there's no other life in the whole space that surrounds us
They ground us down with the slow pace of modernity
Real rulers ain't got no face
They're just puppeteers pulling on our strings and they don't break
Feeling like there's nothing I can really hold safe
Warm hearts shiver in this cold cold place
I try to hide from these spies but the cameras rotate
They're holding up the truth
But the truth won't wait

We've been hiding from the spies but the cameras rotate
And they've been holding up the truth but the truth won't wait

So i take time to write
I feel the hours drip
Too many people have got tongues with a sour tip
Ravenous pen takes the page
Devours it
Modern life curdles the milk of my cowardice
And everywhere i look
People on a power trip
Wanna make these rats fly tie em some dowel sticks
Why do something if you can't be proud of it
I lost too many friends to that *sniff* powder shit
Thought they were the baddest men
They thought they were the rowdiest
But life ain't going nowhere for them
Now they die in a pit
Now I'm asking them
How is this cool
Yeah we stepped that line in school
But at least some of us learned
What fools we had been
See i get effected
By them things i used to get perplexed with
So I've gone from being reckless
To being careful, considered
So fuck my name in lights
I want my name across a blizzard
Chanted by a wizard at the breaking of a black dawn
Spill out the ocean incarnated in a rap form
I want the wind to scream my rhymes and leave their houses thatched
want the wind to scream my rhymes and leave their houses thatched
Well you can't change nothing unless elevate your platform
Many people reperate but don't breathe
Many people look and look but really don't see
If your lost in what's been then you really wont be

So the wise ones know to let their minds run free
The wise ones know to let their minds run free
The wise ones know to let their minds run free
Thats why we nurture our thoughts from seed to grown tree
We elevate

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