"Thunder Love" as written by Hakan Wirenstrand, Erik Oskar Bodin, Fredrik Daniel Wallin and Yukimi Eleanora Nagano....
Then dawn came and I stayed and was laughing with you
The smoke love then I dove and was kissing with you
My past erase as we lay in a daze
Please say nothing of yesterdays ohoa

I'm going to sleep
I'm going to sleep under the stars until the end
Till your touch say time will it begin
I'm going to love until the bitter end

Working days get in my way
As I'm thinking of you
Smoke love
Keep dreaming of when I was kissing with you
My past erase as we lay in a daze
Please say nothing of yesterdays ohoa

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"Thunder Love" as written by Fredrik Daniel Wallin Erik Oskar Bodin

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Thunder Love song meanings
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    My InterpretationI love this song, can't help but love it. To me though its not just a song about devotion or forbidden love, but the reality of love and how hard it is to get over it.

    The entire song seems to be a reflection on a love gone sour or come to pass, otherwise it really does come off as simple devotion. What queues the listener in is the line 'please say nothing of yesterdays' as if the author desperately would like to pretend that all is well and right.

    The first verse is about her initially falling in love, the delirium of it, the 'honeymoon' phase. She talks about the 'smoke love' which can be seen as the haze of love, or seeing 'through rose colored glasses' (seeing something through rose colored glasses means you're only seeing the good).

    The chorus however indicates an exhaustion, and the imagery is really quite intense. Its not just sleep, but a slumber from which only the authors love's touch will rouse her from. This is somewhat of an allegory to the book of Genesis creation story or for the Narnia fans, the story of Aslan singing life into the world. This 'love' of the authors is elevated to almost a god-like status. She worships him/her. Her world doesn't exist if her love isn't there with her.

    The next verse again reflects how deep her love really is for the subject. 'Working days' get in her way of daydreaming about her love. But daydreaming is all it seems the author can do anymore. She daydreams of 'when I was kissing you'. One concludes that if her love was still around, or if things were as they once were she would not be so stuck on the past and would be daydreaming of future kisses.

    Also her desperation to erase the past, and not talk about yesterday indicate the listener is only getting half of the story, the bleaker more painful parts of the tale being suppressed. The author is in denial. She hangs on to the past as much as she pleads with her love to forget it. There is a desperation and unstableness that anyone who has ever loved like this can relate to.
    rosehustleron May 10, 2012   Link
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    General CommentOoh this is my absolutely favorite song. It seems like she's just daydreaming about what seems like a forbidden love (since she said: "Im gonna love until the bitter end"
    hunybunbunyon January 05, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song is absolutely addictive. But I think it's about devotion-- doesn't necessarily have to be a forbidden love.

    When she says "bitter end," I think she's referring to the bitter end of a perhaps long or serious relationship. If you can imagine the time period just before a serious relationship ends: tumultuous but the parties stay and try to stick it out...Can be quite bitter indeed.
    Lawsomeon February 24, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think this song could be about loving someone in silence, like someone you can't have for whatever reason and loving them until the bitter end of finally falling out of love for them as nothing happend between the two. When she sings i'm going to sleep until your touch say time will it begin. I think she means she will be in a daze of smoke of love until they actually get together physically touch otherwise she will continue to love until the bitter end of forgetting him finally. But until that time she will sleep in the smoke of love of not yet having him but loving him still.
    roxx24on December 17, 2012   Link

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