Back by popular demand
Missy Cristal
Put on Earth to serve man

I'm a rap slut
I lay more tracks than I get butt
My shit's raw like pussy dribble
Hot like baby oil rubbed on hard nipples
My booty ripples when my ass gets smacked from the motion
Pelvic thrust commotion
Make a toast and watch the legs open
I'm down for pokin', gropin' and chokin'
I'm down for fuckin' when I feel my panties soakin'
Got a welcome mat at the end of my mattress
It's an open invitation if you wanna get at it
I need cock 24 hours a day
But if you need a break, you can watch me masturbate
I'm down to fuck with girls as well
I like to sip from the pussy well
Juice flowin' like we got the tap on
Everybody happy with the double-sided strap-on
I'm happy when we scissor grind
I'm happy when you deliver mine
Hot sex, let's fuck with lesbians
I like to make out, French-kiss with pussy lips
Nothing can replace the dick
I like to suck a little bit before I have breakfast
I like my cock like I like my Guinness
Thick top to it, which you have to begin with
I wanna ride you like a rollercoaster
Your dick can be the pistol and my mouth is the holster
I ain't frontin', kid, that thing is a blessing
I eat jizz like that shit is Ranch dressing
I wanna bounce on your 24
I ain't talkin' 'bout your rims, of course
I suck cock 'til my voice gets hoarse
You can barely make it out when I'm begging for more
So why don't you call up one of your friends
Or better yet, I could call up ten
We'll all pile into the sauna
Sip on Hennessey while we smoke a little chronic
It gets hot and we start to lose our clothes
One man for eleven horny hoes
Party's rockin', right in time
Sweat, flesh, what's next, I want mine
Everybody piled in a fuckin' stack
What the fuck's goin' on, whose hand was that?
I get lost in the wild confusion
All I know is that smell ain't perfume
It gets late and the girls all leave
Leaves a little time for you and me
Don't wash up, I wanna lick you clean
I like the way the sweat makes your body gleam
I know you're tired, but don't give up, please!
I thought you could handle this dirty skeez
I expect the juice to flow like Niagara
If you need some help, I could get you some Viagra
Ah fuck, I'm sending you home, fool!
Call the football team from the local high school
Teach 'em a lesson in playing fair
Let every single one of them touchdown there
Been around now I'm going 'round the track
Shit is gettin' rough, I'm sending in the quarterback
Let him play with his newfound toy
I even gave a handjob to the waterboy
Equal opportunity, that's how I deal
Anybody's welcome 'long as they can make me squeal
It's affirmative, I'm getting some action
I hope you see my ass, I could use some fudge packin'
Back that shit up like the Hoover dam
See your penis covered in poopie jam
What can I say, that's just the way I am
If I lick your butthole, you're no less of a man
Or if I put a finger in it, lick it, spit it, split it, shit it
I don't give a fuck-it, I just wanna get in it
I wanna disrespect you, fucker
I wanna desecrate your butthole
Thought I could go an entire song
Without talkin' 'bout ass, what the fuck is wrong?
I need that shit like a bird needs feathers
I need ass like a pirate needs treasure
Did I say treasure? Yo, a pirate need booty
Like a little rap slut needs a studio
I wouldn't be much without a mic
But I'd still have tits and a pussy, right?
And it'd still be tight, and I'd still go all night

Missy Cristal makes her mama proud
Missy Cristal makes her mama proud
Missy Cristal makes her mama proud

So we all know that I'm down with group shit
But I gotta be honest when I wonka do it
I need a man who knows how to move it
Yes, size matters, don't make me prove it
So what I'll do when I get you home
Rip your shirt off, tie it to my bedpost
Got a knee on either side of your face
Feed you cherries held with the stem in that place
Then I'll lick on your neck and earlobes
Breathe real softly on your collarbone
I wanna rub and squeeze on your shoulders
You like the way this fire smoulders
I'm gonna work my way down real slow
Bite your nipples, run my tongue in circles
You act like you haven't been touched in days
Run my fingernails down the length of your ribcage
I kiss on your belly button
A little lower, it's what we both want
Slide your pants down to your ankles
That's okay, sugar, you can thank me later
I run a hand up to your legs
I feel 'em quiver when I reach your thighs
That's when I got tired

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