Is that you
That I see
Staring at me
Listlessness and
Leather on
Your mind
As you trail
Your tongue
Across your lips
Ever so slightly
Your look
Doesn't beg
For my attention
Oh it just
Asks politely

So miss nice girl
Wants to be
A bad girl
Now just
A loose girl
Soon to be
A pitied girl
Tell me if
I'm wrong
But you want
A bad boy
Just another
Soulless toy
To help
You enjoy
Your waning youth
Oh I have dealt
With your kind
For far too long
So please be aware
Of this one truth
Miss loss
Of morality
You are going
To get my
Full geniality
You have won
A chance
To see
The beauty
Of my brutality

Look at you there
Drawing stares
From every corner
Of the room
Such a sweet
Little tart
There is almost
An art
To how you
Can make
Even the smoothest
Betray his intentions
Much too soon

But you know what
I've just
Had enough
Of your kind
Coming in here
Pretending to know
Everything a man
Could possibly
Want to hear
Because I
Knew who you
Really are
All along
Miss plain girl
Wants to be
The pretty girl
All the right guys
Love to treat
Oh so wrong

But I can
Be nice
So let me give
You some advice
On how to get
The bastard of
Your dreams
It's not the
Cream of the crop
Who get even
One little drop
Out of a man's
Little peg
It is simply
Just the first
Woman to open
Her legs

So remember don't
Be afraid
To sell yourself short
Because you ain't
Worth much
Miss full of class
You have to just
Keep shaking
Your ass
You got to just
Keep going lower
Until they've just
Had enough
Your mind is right
When it tells you
That Self-esteem is
Just a crutch
For the woman
Without a man
So to get
What you need
To get what
You really want
You will have to
Do all you can

But oh oh oh
You want Romeo
To sweep you
Off your feet
That is why
You are here
To meet
Your sweetie by
Throwing yourself
Like a piece of meat
Into this sea of dogs
Not to be passed around
Like loose change
No not one
Red cent
Will be put
In your hands
To pay the
Fee of admission
To open up
Your lips
And take you
For a ride
No no no you
Have nothing
To hide
You're not a
Hooker for hire
Of this we
All agree
Because as the
Rumors go
We know
You are going to
Do it all
For free

I know you
Are beautiful
On the outside
But for the inside
I cannot simply
Say the same
For what I
Am to say
You only have
Yourself to blame
Because love and lust
Will never come
To meet
Not matter how
You play your game

So am I bad enough
For you yet
Miss masochist
Yeah you know
I'm a mistake
But a mistake
You are going
To make
And make again
Because a mistake
Is all you think
You deserve

Now you know
Just how nice
I really am
So I am going
To give you
A bit of help
No need to
Thank me so
Kindly ma'am
It is out of the
Depths of my heart
That I will be there
For you after
Every dejected
Yelp of pain
You will let out
When comeuppance
Comes knocking
To give you
Your daily
Gift of shame
And again
As you cry
Over another
Lost fling
And again
When you
Become numb
To the love
You based
Your life
On before
And again
When you
Learn to like
Being treated
Like the trash
You have worked
So hard to
Make yourself
Out to be
And again
When you learn
To love every drop
[And again]

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Sex, Drugs, and Not Much Else song meanings
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    General CommentThis song is about those wonderful girls attracted to your usual musician/bad boy type. Those who look for redemption and comfort within the arms of the most untrustworthy of us all.

    Someone has to say it.
    LMthePencilMagicianon January 04, 2010   Link

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