Creepy crawling, in ya crib, we're comin'to kill catch you while ya sleep, wake up to a gun in ya grill
Doing Satan's business, tie you up, hang you, strangle you, 22cal. bang bang you
Mephisto with a pistol on methedrine crystal
give me all the money to me you're less than shit stool
Juxed 51 times women screaming, blood everywhere bound and gagged in fear you stare
Beg for ya life
break the gun handle on ya skull, take a jagged knife
then like an animal indulge in non-stop stabbing trife
puncture pregnant bitch, rupture arteries my horrific cult of vultures
Butchering, no remorse bludgeoning, slit ya throat, gushing like a flushed toilet now ya hunched
My infamous psycho posse tagging pig up on the door in blood you cant stop me from

Stabbin, and stabbin
(Until you die)
(My cult keeps)
(Viciously stab you to death)

Face down on the bed, pillow case over ya head lamp cord choked, leave everyone in the place dead
Knife to ya chest, ya colon flexes slashing the word war in your solar plexus
We're piranhas get you prepped for embalmers
Ya pleading, bleeding profusely in your pajamas
Attacking my prey like a starving hawk
Jux ya buttocks with an ox and a carving fork
Senselesscrime, no motive, sacred deed
shock the world, make'em stand up and take heed
Needle tracks on my arm, influenced by Beatles tracks doing your featl sac harm
Patty, do something witchy later
Helter Skelter in blood on the refrigerator
Exit, me and my vicious accomplices hitch-hike back to the ranch, mission accomplished

Stabbin, and stabbin
(Until you die)
(My cult keeps)
(Viciously stab you to death)

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    General CommentThis song gives me a bright outlook on life. Necro has that effect on people, what a jolly good rapper!
    tommyhaychon November 09, 2010   Link

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