"Throwing Off Glass" as written by Robert Baker, Gordon Downie, Johnny Fay, Joseph Paul Langlois and Robert Gordon Sinclair....
"Why is the world so creepy?", she asked
After a car full of haircuts drove past
A backseat full of the boys

I told her that, It isn't
That, that it's exquisite
But like love, it has it's barbarous threats

Still in spite of the cads
And the stoop-shouldered teens
I know I'm losing you
I know what that means, yeah

I told her that it isn't
That it's real exquisite
But like love, it can have it's
Stubbed-toe effects

And juts like after she heard the word, 'Iridescent'
And everything was iridescent for awhile
It wasn't long before she exalted out of nowhere
Isn't this exquisite?'

Once you've said, 'mmm' in unison
And, 'oh' in double surprise
And shared relief with a mutual, 'phew'
And a look in each others eyes

I tell her that is isn't, insisted that it isn't
Because like love it has too-cunning effects, yeah
I told her that it isn't that it's just exquisite
Because like love it has it's barbarous threats

"Why is the world so creepy?", she asked
After a car full of haircuts drove past
A backseat full of the boys
Breaking glass, throwing off glass

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"Throwing off Glass" as written by Johnny Fay Gordon Downie

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    Song MeaningI think this one is pretty simple. This is clearly one of those moment in time songs where a cartain sequence of events is represented in a single song. This particular event seems to me to be Gord and his daughter either driving or walking down a road seeing a bunch of teenagers acting like typical teenagers, throwing maybe beer bottles or somethign out the window of their car and acting crazy. His daughter asdks him "why is this world so creepy" and Gord explains to her that within all the creepiness you can find that the world is actually quite beautiful and "exquisite". Another aspect of this song is how Gord is watching his daughter grow up and he knows that soon enough she wiill no longer need him to explain these things to her, that she will be able to define those events for herself and gain her own appreciation and interpritation of the world as she sees it. Gord recognizes that as part of that shared growth his nessecity will dwindle as she becomes stronger and more reliant on herself and less on him. As a father of 3 daughters, I that particular lyric rings especially true to me.

    "i know i'm losing you
    i know what that means"

    This one stanza in particular:

    "once you've said mm in unison
    and oh in double surprise
    and shared relief with a mutual phew
    and a look in each others' eyes"

    I believe this part of the song represents a fathers own recognition of how time passes quickly and how one must relish the moments when you share in an almost exactness with your child. The recognized mmm in unisosn, oh in double suprise, a shared mutual phew and a look in each others eyes. As children grow up and experience more of the world through thier own unique perspective those moments become less and less as they develop thier own human experience.

    I could be dead wrong about this but thats how the song sings to me...
    trialberanon September 25, 2012   Link

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