"Killing You" as written by and Nigel Watson Karsten Scheunemann....
You're the meanest person on this planet
I can't even say anything more than that
You are the fuckin' devil!
You have fun making your goddamned K.O.D. album
Cause that's what you are, the King of Darkness
You're nothing but fuckin' hell!

I was born a beast, you don't wanna meet
I'm the worst, a lot of women see the demon in me
Still they want a piece, they want me carnally
A lot of them are really searchin' for the semen in me
I let 'em know at the front, I'm a lust demon
The wannabe bust kitty, you're rubbin', I love many
They trust me with the cunt and I thrust plenty
And jump in the next city, they wanted me, just kidding
But I can never tell a lie, if you look into my eyes you can see that I'm a
(Angel / Demon)
Lookin' for the love in every thigh, makin' you wanna cry, spirit'll be
(Strangled / Screaming)
That I'm a serial killer when it come to heartbreaking
Hating the fury, you better cynic and it starts makin'
Everything wrong, everything's gone
So why do you say that you will forever ding-dong?
That just will make you much meaner, that's some mistake to love Nina
It sucks to hate the one thing that makes you come clean
Then breaks and just leave you
I'm just a fucked up individual
I love lust and crushin' you for a interval
Plus bust the gush off in a centerfold
Eating a meaty muff like it's a dinner roll
You should have kept away like I told you
How can you press to stay when I'm rover?
I think it's safe to say that my fate's to lay and I'mma waste when I'm older
So just step and give me the cold shoulder
Cause I'm a mess, the Nina's the most vulgar
And I'm a threat, you'll never get no closer
My kiss is killing you, wake up and it's over

[Chorus: x2]
Why can't you see me for the animal I am? (I warned you!)
Expose my beast inside? Yes, dear, you are willing to
You took my invitation and they all told you never to take me in
Why can't you wake up and see that I am killing you?

I never knew why I had to be so cold
Inside of me so froze, it's gotta be no soul
Because when the lady want me in oath mode
I put on my ghost clothes and get on a close road
I'm tryin' to tell you that I'm sick in the insephalon
I thought I could do it, but I guessin' we can never bond
As long as I'm chasin' the gold like a leprachaun
My heart'll be covered in cold ice intephalon
I'm sick with it, I'm brick with it, N9ne twisted it
Ten times outta ten, if you lookin' for what it stems
I can guarentee that you gonna find a bitch did it
But I'm takin' it back, I won't blame it on you
Cause I be the one that be gamin' on you
Famous and heinous the painin' you do
Cause I'm blatently playing and laying the crew
I ain't proud of what I turned into
All my fire keeps burning through, burning you
Up in the inside, I'm knowin' the heat is concerning you
I don't know what's gonna become of me
All I can say is don't anyone love me
Because I'm a monster, I'm sick and I want ya
But you better back up and when I come shove me
But then again I really, really need you
I want up inside of you, wanna bleed you
Get the last drop and then I'mma leave you
Every last one of you I'mma speed through
Covering every lady wanna see you
Open up wide, I wanna feed you
Into the pit of evilness, I'mma lead you
(I'm an animal, take what I like then release you!)

[Chorus: x2]

You are the meanest, evilest
You are so evil to me, you are the goddamned devil!

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"Killing You" as written by Nigel Watson Karsten Scheunemann

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