"Use Me Up" as written by Zac Hanson, Isaac Hanson and Taylor Hanson....
Somebody let me down
Somebody show me love
I wouldn't care much either way
I'd rather the sticks and stones
Than dragging the ball and chain
Of what if the world won't take me?
Even if the holes should crack
And even if the blood flows red
Nothing could be worse than numb

So, please, use me up
I just want anyone to use me up
'Cause no one ever does
Use me up

I've carried it all too long
The fear of the pain it brings
Feeling the panic building up
I'd rather the broken heart
Than live in the emptiness
Of what if the world won't save me?
Even if the bow should break
Even if the blood runs cold
Nothing could be worse than numb

Please, use me up
I just want anyone to use me up
'Cause no one ever does
Use me up
Use me up

Treat me somewhat cruel
You can throw me away
As long as I feel it
Show me something real
You can deceive me
I am yours to use
Use me up
Use me up
Use me up

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"Use Me Up" as written by Taylor Hanson Isaac Hanson

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    General CommentDefinately one of my favorites.

    I get the impression that their past relationships have all ended badly, every one of them leaving him with something that has scarred him. Now he's just wanting someone to either stay with him no matter how bad it gets cause he's craving that someone to have, or

    He's praying for someone else to turn the last little bit of warmth he has in his heart to stone. Lol.

    Either or, the melody is so haunting it's addicting, the harmonies are awesome, and the lyrics are very deep and descriptive enough to give the listener a sense of deep reality.
    jenNjuice84on February 28, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of my favorite songs as well however I definitely prefer the live acoustic version on the Stand Up Stand Up EP to the studio track on Shout It Out

    I think this song is all about wanting to feel something whether it's happiness or heartache. He is saying he is willing to put himself out there and take the pain just to be able to feel alive.
    Hallh30on June 08, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song is raw emotion - the sound and the lyrics. I've teared up MANY times while listening to this song. It's incredibly powerful. And I agree with Hallh30, I prefer the acoustic version on the EP.

    The lyrics are definitely something I can relate to - I think everyone probably can. We all go through times in our lives where it's just NOTHING. You're not happy or sad; there aren't really any highs or lows. It's just kinda blah - a consistent gray or beige. And you want something to change that.. so you feel SOMETHING. Obviously we would all prefer happiness, but sometimes the hurt can feel just as good after a period of nothingness.
    libertybelleon October 13, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationPossibly one of my favorite songs off of "Shout It Out". I feel like it's one of those songs that anyone can probably relate to. In my life, there are times when I feel completely numb, like I'm an outsider looking in on my own life or something. During those times, any feeling is preferable to that. The way Zac sings it is utterly heartbreaking (as are most of his piano ballads, come to think of it), and that just adds to the emotion of the lyric.
    Sincerityon February 22, 2011   Link
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    General CommentUse Me Up is about nothingness. It speaks about constant nothingness as often being more painful than a scenes of misfortune in life. It is about feeling alone and helpless, drowning in a sea of emptiness. The line "nothing could be worse than numb" summarises the entire song and its meaning, in that misery and sorrow could never be more painful than being numb to the world and to life.

    It essentially means that even if one finds oneself in the most unfortunate circumstances, at least they can still feel the pain and hurt and emotion, whereas if one finds oneself in the sea of emptiness, they suffer further because they feel nothing at all. The person drowning in the sea of emptiness only wants to feel emotion and to have contact with people, and does not discriminate as to the actions they force onto them. The line, "you can deceive me. I am yours to use" encapsulates this, in the sense that any connection, positive or negative, is tolerated.

    Use Me Up is about trying to remind oneself that they are human and need to feel things, instead of constantly believing that there is nothing in one's life except from numbness, dissociating them not only from others, but from themselves.
    hansonholicon March 25, 2011   Link

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