"Kisses Over Babylon" as written by and Alex M T Ebert....
He vivido en este lugar
Por cuantos anos no se
Me llamo Eduardo
Fui encanado
Quiero la sangre sonido
De mis profundos oidos
Hasta que hayamos cantado
Soy encanado

Parlante con el mar del cielo
Pide que la sed de crecer
En todo la creacion me dios
Y el manifiesto
Consciente de la llama en
Alimentada por todo
Convertimos en lo que estamos
Soy illuminados

This is my god alarm
Kisses over Babylon
Warkind your time has come
Kisses over Babylon

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"Kisses Over Babylon" as written by Alex Ebert

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Kisses Over Babylon song meanings
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    General CommentI've lived in this place
    for how many years, i don't know
    My name is Edward
    I've been imprisoned
    I want blood music
    From my deep ears
    Until we've sung
    I am imprisoned

    Speaker with the sea of the sky
    asks that the thirst of growth
    In everything the creation my god
    and the manifesto
    conscious of the flame in
    Fed by all (or everything)
    transformed into what we are
    I am illuminated(in plural for some weird reason)

    This is my god alarm
    Kisses over Babylon
    Warkind you time has come
    Kisses over Babylon

    I'm completely fluent in Spanish, and this song makes kind of sense, at least the beginning but the rest is pretty just a bunch of nonsense, i really tried my best to translate this, and i actually used to work as a translator.
    dunesaron September 02, 2010   Link
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    TranslationI have lived in this place
    I don't know how many years (For how many years, I don't know)
    My name is Eduardo
    I was imprisoned


    I want the bloody sound
    From deep within my ears
    Until we have sung
    I am imprisoned.

    Speak to the earth and sky (earth of sky)
    Ask that the thirst grow
    In all of God's creations
    And in the manifestation

    Conscious of the flame within
    Fed by everything
    We turn into what we are
    We are illuminated (He probably meant "Somos illuminados (we)" or "Soy illuminado (I'm)"

    This is fluent translation, not literal. Which is grammatically correct when translated. I speak spanish very fluently and this is my favorite ES&MZ song.

    Alex Ebert's spanish was too literal. As justashooting star pointed out, "encanado" is archaic. I could have easily said "estoy encadenado" which means "I am chained" or "Soy prisionero" which means obviously, "I am a prisoner".

    Also, "sangre sonido" doesn't make any sense. I think he translated that literally as "sangre: blood/sonido: sound". He could have said "Quiero el sonido de sangre" or "I want the sound of blood". Either way in Spanish it doesn't make sense. Additionally I think he mean "Parlante con el mar del/y el cielo". Again, "parlante" these days means speaker. As in loudspeaker. Which leads to believe he meant speak with or speaking.

    Hope that helps.

    DanielaTorreon April 09, 2011   Link
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    General CommentDirect translation via Babelfish:

    I have lived in this place
    By whichever anuses not
    I am called Eduardo
    I was arrested
    I want the blood sound
    Of my deep ears
    Until we have sung
    I am arrested

    Loudspeaker with the sea of the sky
    Asks that the thirst to grow
    In all the creation me
    God and the manifesto
    Conscious of the flame in
    Fed by everything
    We turn into which we are
    I am illuminados

    I wanted to make a few corrections, but I figured I'd let someone else more skilled in Spanish translation give it a shot instead.

    Really, I have no guesses to what this song is about, though I'm pretty sure "Illuminados" means "enlightened", and also after watching this video: vimeo.com/… Edward is arrested by two Minors (cops) and taken to a water prison. It would seem that the video and song correlate pretty well, but I'm pretty sure there's more to it.
    Fritosson December 29, 2009   Link

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