"Sticky Thread" as written by Kelcey Paul Ayer, Matthew James Frazier, Ryan Clinton Hahn, Andrew Jeffrey Hamm and Taylor David Rice....
Why didn't I say anything until now?
So much is said without a sound
Water so calm, and once so pure
Standing for so long the color turns
Their work is so hard

We never felt the sticky thread
The spider webs
Their balance in the garden
Their work is so hard

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"Sticky Thread" as written by Kelcey Paul Ayer Andrew Jeffrey Hamm

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    General CommentSounds like he's comparing a failed relationship to the hard work spiders put into keeping their webs together.
    ModernHereticon May 28, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI can't believe no one's commented on this song! To me the lyrics are sung so beautifully, especially the line "their work is so hard". This song stands alone as a poem as well, and the writer seems completely genuine in his admiration for the spider's hard work, which is what I think this song is about. Nothing too complicated, just simple and beautiful, written for the sake of being written.
    nevertrustafishon April 09, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthis song is beautiful. best song to listen to with the windows down on a breezy relaxing day. i feel like the observer is in awe of the spider's beauty and he is epiphinistically realizing how hard spiders work, but yet how it doesnt appear that they work hard. i think when he says "we never felt the sticky thread, the spider web" he is saying that he and whoever he thought he loved never got caught up in things together. but he is at peace with this concept. he is finally realizing how hard his (possibly ex) significant other worked to keep their relationship together. and "so much is said without a sound" may refer to the thoughts he is thinking while observing this. his body language, his state of pure blissful "awe" at the web is more than any language could convey.
    flowerchild369on October 25, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think the lines in this song are far too abstract and visually concrete to draw conclusions regarding love or relationships. Certainly not to specific situations. nevertrustafish, I think you pretty spot on. This is certainly a poetic on its own.

    why didn't i say anything until now?
    so much is said without a sound

    First line initially implies regret. Second line seems pretty straight forward. There's a lot that can be 'said' without using words, via the other senses. In context of the previous line, you could read the first line as a question to listeners (or someone that is never identified), and the second as an answer.

    water so calm, and once so pure
    standing for so long the color turns

    The first three lines could be implying a concrete observance. Seemingly, a pool of water. It's pretty abstract otherwise. In the context of the previous lines, it seems to imply that silence = stillness. If you want to take it as symbolism, what stands so still and is untouched, but no longer pure and changes 'color' over time? It's just too abstract when taken symbolically to definitively say its love or some such. If the writer wanted to talk about love, I think he'd be a lot more direct about it, irregardless of symbolism.

    their work is so hard

    There isn't much to identify the 'their' here. I don't think you could really say he's talking about a pair of lovers here.

    we never felt the sticky thread
    the spider webs
    their balance in the garden
    their work is so hard

    Taken literally, he's talking about spiders in a garden. The 'We' is not identified. Now I know you could look at these lines and assume he's talking about certain individuals, but who? If you try to do that then why does he switch back to 'their'? The 'We' and 'their' are certainly different subjects. Some people like to equate 'We' with couples and romantic notions, but I think he's just using the term generally here. 'We' as in people.

    Short of getting an answer from the writer, its difficult to judge actual intent. The impression I get is he is trying to convey a sense of peace and tranquility through a visual image of nature, with the absence of the senses of sound and touch. I think the answer is in the first two lines.
    pdxwastrelon November 30, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningI just recently attended their show at the Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles and before they played this song he explained what it had meant. Now knowing what it had meant, I came on here to see what others had thought.

    The true meaning according to him,

    Taylor Rice had said this song was about relationships and how it is essential to have fights because it shows passion within the relationship.

    It got me thinking because I had heard the same before. Anywho, I love the band and after the show I got to talk with him a bit and take a picture with him. It was pretty awesome if you ask me and he is definitely a very kind, personable, down to earth guy.
    babyboneson March 07, 2011   Link
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    General CommentMy personal interpretation of the song. For context, I had just left my soulmate after a year, fearing he didn't love me enough for me to stay, and yearning for him to tell me to, but ultimately finding he was fearing the same thing- that i didnt love him enough to stay.

    ---Why didn't I say anything until now? ---
    After a nonviolent separation of two soulmates who were struggling to appreciate the importance of what they had until it was gone - while they promised to be friends - silence, as they care about each other but let insecurity quiet their hurting screaming hearts. After a few months of agony and half hearted "i hope youre doing okay"s... One finally breaks the silence, and the other is in complete agreement and relief, and they seek to repair their relationship. Why didn't I say anything until now?

    ---So much is said without a sound---
    The fact that I let my insecurities dictate and stifle the life of something so special... worrying more about self image (fear of being fooled) than the other's well-being, we both muted our hearts, We were too afraid of a second rejection/failure to reconnect and admit to our prideful mistakes. Its offensive and hurtful - They aren't willing to put themselves on the line (at risk) for the person they supposedly care about so deeply? It isn't worth the try? So much is said when you can't take the chance on something you both know is so powerful and real, it's hidden inside. As if the reward (a lifetime of love and companionship) doesn't outweigh the risk to the ego... which hurts. Why didn't I say anything until now?

    ---Water so calm, and once so pure---
    They used to be so pure, so madly in love that nothing else mattered at all, ...but it is disrupted by the one who ran away in fear, and the other who allowed her to leave, without voicing his real need for her, his passion and the real weight of their connection in comparison to such trivial arguments. Also he was afraid that she didnt feel the same permanency, when really she too needed affirmation...

    ---Standing for so long the color turns---
    The water that was so pure but turned (algae, green) because they became consumed by their daily stresses and routines and small fights/passive aggressive comments, etc. that the love went wrong. It became unclear. They virtually had forgotten how much they meant to one another.

    ---Their work is so hard---
    It's so hard to admit your mistakes, because you have trust issues and you are determined to prove that you will not be taken advantage of or manipulated...It's so hard to pour your heart out when lately it has been nothing but nonstop criticisms, an absence of gratitude: insecurity.

    ---We never felt the sticky thread---
    They never had the confidence or the assurance to believe it could be forever, while they each wanted it so desperately. They never felt sure it would last, always in fear that one would leave, given the somewhat resentful color of the water. The sticky thread. Sticking together. Continuity. Pushing past the dark sides of the relationship and accepting/forgiving and carrying on. Not weighing the fights more heavily than the love.

    ---The spider webs---
    The intricate web that must be created: commitment. loyalty. A vow to stick together forever. A web that catches what it can and will have to be completely made from scratch if destroyed... Their work is so hard...

    ---Their balance in the garden---
    The importance of the forever commitment, the "til death do us part" vow. and how it plays a role in the nature/balance of the relationship and the security that each lover needs to feel to be truly let love grow in the graden.

    ---Their work is so hard---
    It's hard to not have your doubts. It's hard to say for certain that I want to grow old and die with you. Its hard to craft the web that balances the garden, protects the relationship.
    kyleesmithon January 19, 2018   Link

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