"Stranger Things" as written by Kelcey Paul Ayer, Matthew James Frazier, Ryan Clinton Hahn, Andrew Jeffrey Hamm and Taylor David Rice....
Cold toes, new sheets
Welcomed all the same
We know if we go
It's only temporary

Went away, holiday
Wish they'd linger on
They'll think what they will
We'll stay where we have gone

The glaring lamp's on
Her job is well done
Half asleep, I'm only half won

Old sheets, warm toes
Look away as i leave
New light lays bare
Holds my guilt up to me

I'll toast three cheers
And for work we'll sing
Back to what we do
I've heard stranger things

So turn the lamp off
My wandering eyes stop
Endure the thoughts of
And start where you love

We'll start from where we last left off
The lines that we'll draw
Begin and don't stop
The corners approach
We'll take the best turns
The bends have brought talk
Of what we have learned
Enjoy the chance of
Frozen new grounds
Everything's odd
With beautiful sounds
I've learned to smile
Without a bearing
At least I know I've heard stranger things

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"Stranger Things" as written by Kelcey Paul Ayer Andrew Jeffrey Hamm

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    General CommentBe warned, this is my first comment, so it may be crap. I just saw the near absence of comments on this song that I find amazing, and felt as if it warranted me making an account in order to do it justice.

    I'm not sure if I can go for the whole holiday thing...

    The way I see it may be completely skewed due to my clouded, teenage mind, and could be totally off, but it satisfies me.

    I feel as if it traces a marriage and the paths the follow.

    cold toes, new sheets
    welcomed all the same
    we know if we go
    it's only temporary

    They're a newly married couple, and setting up their honeymoon. They both have fears as it's all new to them. They don't have the infamous "cold feet" per say, but they both contain inhibitions, the cold toes. "New sheets" signifies the alienness of it all. The rest is easily enough put together, I think.

    went away, holiday
    wish they'd linger on
    they'll think what they will
    we'll stay where we have gone

    They're back and the foreign feelings of marriage are through. People think that they won't keep that "just-married" vigor, but if they can hold on to the sublimity of how it was at first they can attain what so few do.

    the glaring lamp's on
    her job is well done
    half asleep, i'm only half won

    At this point, they've been together for quite some time. Nights have become mundane, routine things, "the glaring lamp's on." The guy is no longer putting all of himself and the being that is him into his wife as he used to.

    old sheets, warm toes
    look away as i leave
    new light lays bare
    holds my guilt up to me

    Here is where the entirety of the excitement of being recently married dissipates. Things are becoming strained; there's conflict between the two, and he feels bad for it.

    i'll toast three cheers
    and for work we'll sing
    back to what we do
    i've heard stranger things

    My interpretation of these lines are easily refutable, but they work for me. I see this as the point where they address this deterioration of their relationship and try to cover it up and continue on with life, because, hey, people have done stranger things.

    so turn the lamp off
    my wandering eyes stop
    endure the thoughts of
    and start where you love

    Again my interpretation is iffy, but oh well. Turning the lamp off signifies the attempt at revival in their relationship. Although there is no mention to the light being off in the first sections, I feel as if symbolizes them striving to rekindle their intimacy. This stops him from looking at his aged wife who is obviously not as attractive as she once was. But he can deal with this, they can start a new phase of their life where they love each other for who they truly are, and not what they once were.

    we'll start from where we last left off
    the lines that we'll draw
    begin and don't stop
    the corners approach

    I think this is easy enough to understand when looked at the same way as the rest of my interpretation.

    we'll take the best turns
    the bends have brought talk
    of what we have learned

    This time they'll actually make changes that are necessary to keep their romance alive, they won't try to cut corners. The different areas that were previously strained shed light on what exactly those changes must be.

    enjoy the chance of
    frozen new grounds
    everything's odd
    with beautiful sounds

    With this new beginning, they should cherish it, as it's something they've never done before. And even though things are different, they seem to bode well.

    i've learned to smile
    without a bearing
    at least i know i've heard stranger things

    Doing all this has brought a certain joy to his life, and with it a constant smile. They've attained true happiness through love.
    werty40on January 07, 2011   Link
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    My OpinionThis Song Is So Beautiful!
    leaihXlightningon February 10, 2010   Link
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    General Commenta great song. perfect for the year i'm having. i've heard stranger things.
    harvestmenon November 23, 2011   Link
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    General Commentlovely song.
    he's on "holiday"
    new sheets, cold toes in the beginning but by the end he has warm toes and old sheets...
    then back to his normal routine "we'll start where we last left off"

    "the lines that we'll draw
    begin and don't stop
    the corners approach
    we'll take the best turns
    the bends have brought talk
    of what we have learned"
    the "lines" symbolize our life... we approach "corners" and "take the best turns" meaning we've learned from our mistakes and therefore know which way to turn now...

    "enjoy the chance of
    frozen new grounds
    everything's odd
    with beautiful sounds"
    we come across new things in our life,
    sometimes "odd" things with "beautiful sounds"

    the last part kinda throws me off a bit...
    "i've learned to smile
    without a bearing
    at least i know i've heard stranger things"
    he's learned to smile without the "odd" things distracting him?

    idk, that's what i'm getting...
    i'm sure someone else can explain thins much better than me
    esvee62on July 16, 2010   Link

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