"Foolin'" as written by and Devendra Banhart....
Foolin' on the human population
I know my mind's on the front line
But when I'm lovin' on the human population
Thank God my heart's playin' its part

One day, one day at a time
One day, one day at a time

Love is the birth of a nation
Born from the good womb of humankind
All these stories of creation
Came from the same flame of the most high

One song, one song at a time
One song, one song at a time

Fearing oh I'm sure gettin' better
With every morn a new fear is born
But when I'm trusting trusting trusting
Knowing that we're in it together
Free to face unknown, free to overcome

One day, one day at a time
One day, one day at a time

Lyrics submitted by MichelleBerger

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    General CommentAfter watching the video I was quite intrigued as to the meaning of this.. so let's see.

    It seems to relate to the general themes of religion and love 'one step at a time'. On the other hand the title is foolin', specifically 'on the human population'. So putting these together I'm guessing it's about having faith in religion, love and humanity, while the very same faith and religion is used for creating fear and the opposite of love, 'Fearing oh I'm sure gettin' better; With every morn a new fear is born'.

    While he continues to love, "trusting trusting trusting
    Knowing that we're in it together
    Free to face unknown, free to overcome"
    he's conflicted by others who are "foolin'" the population by negatively interpreting religion, which causes him to fear he's also foolin others. In the end, he still has hope and continues to have faith.

    While watching the video he reminded me of Jesus, with the flagellation, lack of clothing, skinnyness.. haha and at the beginning when the man opens the door saying "Do you?", Devendra answers by opening his jacket a little to reveal the tattoo on his chest reading 'FE' which means faith in spanish. Therefore, he begins the video by saying he has faith.

    Maybe a greater theme/message to the song/video is to stay positive a day at a time, and to do good with what you know- even if others aren't.

    Although... he deliberately knocked on the door, so maybe he was aware of what would come but wanted to go through it to learn more through experience? Harder experiences and life situations can lead to the most growth.
    lisasonodaon September 06, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationAll these stories of creation
    Came from the same flame of the most high

    This makes so much sense after I watched that documentary on an ancient civilization that took this hallucinogenic drug and thought they were seeing something like the afterlife with all its holy attributes.
    Damn religion. I knew its foundation had to have come from someone getting very, very high.

    (Jk, don't get mad. :P)
    Rapefaceon September 22, 2010   Link
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    General CommentOne of his best lyrical work i think.. simple yet very poetic
    catchy as hell too
    fantastic toasteron March 03, 2010   Link
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    General Commentwonderful
    hamfohon April 23, 2010   Link
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    General Commentawesome song, can make a safe bet and say this song is all about looooove! and such a poetic song too! adore it!
    conolacagueon November 03, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationHey folks,

    so I was doing some research on ancient Ethiopian history and fell over an very rare discription of an old African Tribe, the so-called "Timara-Luo. The Timara-Luo were spiritualising most of nature and one of there main gods was called "Fee".

    It´s told that the rastafarians, who formed there philosophy/religion together from all kinds of influences, but especially african myths and spirituality, have created there picture of Jah as an interpretation of the old Timara-Luo god Fee.

    Well, it makes sence that Devendra knows about the connection of Fee and Jah since he also talks about "the most high" which in reggae song, typically means Jah. Also the song is a reggae song.

    This leads me to the conclusion which is:

    This songs is a parody of all the modern homophobic pseudo-reggae artist, who claim to sing about peace and love, but don´t really know there history:)
    thewhitelineon March 22, 2015   Link

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